FIFA 18 will include eSports for the first time in its history.

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FIFA 18 will include eSports for the first time in its history. The new game is to be released worldwide in just 10 days’ time and fans have been counting down the days in anticipation.

All the main features of the game will return, but EA have decided to release information about something new coming to Ultimate Team.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
Team Vitality ✔@Team_Vitality
We have a crazy news to share guys, we’re in the game! 💪
Our jersey will be featured as a special #FIFA18 item 😱
RT for a chance to win it 🍀
9:44 PM – Sep 15, 2017
122 122 Replies 10,494 10,494 Retweets 5,386 5,386 likes
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Players will now be able to purchase eSports kits for their teams, such as Team Vitality, Team Liquid, Hashtag United and Fnatic’s partnership with Roma, as reported by the Sun.

Hashtag United will be known to a large section of people – it was founded by famous YouTuber Spencer Owen, who uploads highlights of their matches through the video-sharing site.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
AS Roma eSports ✔@RomaeSports
We’re very happy to announce that this year’s #ASRoma eSports kits will be available on @EASPORTSFIFA Ultimate Team! 🎉🔶🔴 #FIFA18
9:04 PM – Sep 15, 2017
98 98 Replies 1,642 1,642 Retweets 5,231 5,231 likes
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Players may also be able to get their hands on a rather cool-looking special edition eSports Roma shirt, brought about by Fnatic.

People that pre-order FIFA 18 can also expect to receive eight free kits inspired by various music artists when they hop onto Ultimate Team.

The hype is real for the new game this year, which supposedly features impressive levels of player personality, crisper graphics and greater variance in team tactics. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


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Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were surprised at home by the Kansas City Chiefs at the opening of the season this past weekend, winning their way to the New Orleans Saints (36-20) on Sunday. Good debut also in their new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons, winners at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium of the Green Bay Packers (34-23).
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Beginning with a fanfare for Atlanta in its new stadium. For their first game of the regular season at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Falcons showed up to the appointment by dominating quite clearly the Green Bay Packers (34-23)in a remake of the last final of the National Football Conference (NFC). Surprised to come home to surprise by Kansas City last weekend, New England responded perfectly by taking advantage of the defensive largesse in defense of the New Orleans Saints to regain a health with a large success on arrival ( 36-20). He also went through during the opening game, Tom Brady shined Sunday. With 447 yards at the pass (three touchdown passes, no interception), the Patriots’ quarterback star has even signed the third-highest score of his career.


On the heels of their exploit against the defending champion, the Chiefs made a second straight success, winning, this time at home, against the Philadelphia Eagles. And, as against the Patriots, Kareem Hunt was still the hero of the victory of Kansas City. With two more TDs in the running at his counter, the 22-year-old running-back rookie became the first player to record as many on his first two NFL games since 1920 and the six Dutch Sternaman touchdowns (Decatur Staleys). With a stratospheric Hunt, the Chiefs may be dreaming.

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Cincinnati Bengals – Houston Texans : 9-13

Sunday 17 September 2017
Atlanta Falcons – Green Bay Packers : 34-23
Baltimore Ravens – Cleveland Browns: 24-10
Carolina Panthers – Buffalo Bills: 9-3
Indianapolis Colts – Arizona Cardinals : 13-16
Jacksonville Jaguars – Tennessee Titans : 16-37
Kansas City Chiefs – Philadelphia Eagles: 27-20
New Orleans Saints – New England Patriots : 20-36
Pittsburgh Steelers – Minnesota Vikings: 26-9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Chicago Bears: 29-7
Los Angeles Chargers – Miami Dolphins : 17-19
– New York Jets: 45-20
Denver Broncos – Dallas Cowboys: 42-17
Los Angeles Rams – Washington Redskins : 20-27
Seattle Seahawks – San Francisco 49ers: 12-9

Monday, September 18, 2017
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NBA 2K18: the big test of the MyGM mode in replay

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esterday evening, it should have been a sultry Saturday night considering the wet and cold weather that was offered us in quite a few corners of France. Except that NBA 2K18 eve was out. Except that to animate this saturday night, we decided to put you the fever with a live test of the mode my GM. A test that we propose you in replay.

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Precision: we were in total discovery because because of shooting a few previews, we had no time to test upstream live. What makes the program just as interesting thanks to a superb interaction with the people participating on the chat. Without dithering, we decided to take the Knicks. Always without procrastinating, we have taken a few decided decisions to launch as quickly as possible a complete reconstruction of this mythical franchise. Trades, buy-outs, tactical reflections or game times … Everything is there and the idea was really to try this mode (a bit) scripted to see what it offers then to test, of course , the gameplay of this new version of the reference of the games of Basketball.

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FIFA 18: FUT Web app to start soon – maintenance work and date announced

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Electronic Arts has announced when the FUT web app will be launched in “FIFA 18”. The deployment will therefore take place on 21 September 2017 to launch the EA Access version of the new football simulation. It is unclear at what time the web app for the “FIFA 18 Ultimate Team” will be released. EA has not announced yet. The full version of “FIFA 18″ will be released on 29 September 2017.

” FIFA 18 ” is one of the most successful publications of the year. And the launch of the web app of “FIFA 18” is also imminent. On the official side of the soccer simulation, Electronic Arts calls an event that was selected for the launch of the “FIFA 18 Web App”. According to EA, the service starts on September 21, 2017. The previous version is no longer usable. Due to maintenance, she was switched offline and the adjustments to “FIFA 18” took place.

“The FUT 18 web app is coming soon The FUT web app and other web app features are down for maintenance as we prepare it for FIFA 18. The new web app will start on September 21, 2017, it is said by Electronic Arts . Electronic Arts has not announced yet, at which time the “FIFA 18 Web App” will be released. But it is certain that the release of the EA-Access version of “FIFA 18” is also on the day of the “FIFA 18 Web App” release.

Members of EA Access ( Xbox One ) and Origin Access (PC) are thus able to test “FIFA 18” a few hours before the official launch. The PS4 fraction goes blank as usual because the service on this platform has not yet been deployed. Free access to the trial of “FIFA 18” is not, because a membership with the access services from EA costs 3.99 euro per month. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18: Listen to the complete soundtrack with more than 40 songs

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Electronic Arts has released the FIFA 18 soundtrack and you can listen to it free of charge and in full length in the playlist linked to the article. Among them are alt-J, Cut Copy, ODESZA, Lord, Portugal the Man, The xx and Weezer. Also for football muffles a listening-worthy selection!

FIFA 18 ( Amazon iconnow for 59.99 € buy ) will be released by the end of the month, you can already hear the complete soundtrack for free. Just click the Spotify -Playlist under the article. As always, well-known artists and titles such as “Jungle” by Cash Sultana, “Deadcrush” by alt-J, or Live in the Moment by “Portugal, The Man”. As always, the bands and artists are selected to represent a great variety of different countries. Enjoy listening! Please note that Spotify is no longer working in the Safari browser (thanks to the competition between Apple Music and Spotify). (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Here Are The Options When You Move An NFL Franchise To Dublin In Madden 18

With the NFL season because of commencing on Thursday night, a great many hours of Madden have just been logged since the diversion’s discharge a week ago and normally this is the busiest time for the amusement as pigskin fever sets in.

Here Are The Options When You Move An NFL Franchise To Dublin In Madden 18
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Regardless of whether you are new to the arrangement or a veteran of the gaming field, Madden 18 offers the most recent and best highlights to hold you returning throughout the entire season, including the ‘Associated Career’ mode that used to be referred to just as ‘Establishment’. is your progress being interrupted by the lack of coins? then visit and order your CHEAP NFL 18 coins.

The alternative to moving a group is back this year, and we figured some of our perusers would have an enthusiasm for seeing what the choices for Dublin look like as it is a possibility for migration alongside any semblance of London, Mexico City, Toronto, and any semblance of San Antonio and Oklahoma in the States.

It will never, ever happen we’re certain, so it’s interesting that it’s a choice, however in the first place, how would you approach moving an NFL group in Connected Career?

Step by step instructions to Relocate A Team In Madden 18

The main thing you need to do is pick “Proprietor” when given the choice of being a player, a mentor, or a proprietor. Player vocation implies you control one player on the field (some time ago Be-A-Pro mode), mentor gives you a chance to call plays on the two sides of the ball in diversions, sign free operators, and all the conventional highlights of a profession mode, while proprietor is the full mode with the choice to migrate and even change the cost of sausage.

You’ll make sure that you are accountable for a group that CAN be migrated, as center groups, for example, the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, and New England Patriots are probably going to dismiss your proposition to move. Attempt with the group you need to begin with, however, you can avoid any risk with the LA Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, or Cleveland Browns, who will all unquestionably acknowledge.

When you arrive at the home screen, don’t progress or avoid the pre-season and make a beeline for the ‘My Owner’ tab, and after that select ‘Stadium’. From here you will see ‘Migrate’, so clearly that is the thing that you need to choose.CHEAP NFL 18 coins for sale at the cheapest price.

The procedure will take half a month, so sim your pre-season diversions gradually and precisely not to avoid the migration take note. Mine flew up in the fourth seven day stretch of the customary season, as you have to complete no less than one season before your movement can happen, so the ‘reenact season’ choice here is your companion.

On the migration choices fly up in your ‘Things To Do’ area, you will be made a request to pick your city, and after that be given the choices which, for Dublin, are as per the following:

Dublin Celtic Tigers:

Hard not to chuckle when you see that group name, as it would take the arrival of the Celtic Tiger for us to have the capacity to bear the cost of considering bringing an NFL group here.

All things considered, it’s not the most exceedingly awful recommendation on the planet and the logo is very great.

relocate team madden 18

Also, the uniforms are outstanding.

Uniform Option 1:
relocate team madden 18
Uniform Option 2:
relocate team madden 18
Uniform Option 3:
relocate team madden 18

Dublin Antlers:

A nod to the deers in the Phoenix Park, the Dublin Antlers is certainly the least eye-catching of the names on offer but is probably the most realistic.

relocate team madden 18

That said, the uniforms are horrible.

Uniform Option 1:
relocate team madden 18
Uniform Option 2:
relocate team madden 18
Uniform Option 3:
relocate team madden 18

Dublin Shamrocks:

Definitely the most American of the options available, it’s also probably the best. It just has a ring to it that feels more ‘NFL’ than the Antlers or the Celtic Tigers.

relocate team madden 18

Also, the uniforms are probably the best of the bunch.

Uniform Option 1:
relocate team madden 18
Uniform Option 2:

Uniform Option 3:
relocate team madden 18

So there are your choices, which one is your favourite?

If you do decide to relocate an NFL team to Dublin and play out a career as an NFL owner, feel free to get in touch and tell us how you get on.

FIFA 18: the demo is available

The aficionados of the round ball are going to be at the angels. The demo of the brand new FIFA 18 is available today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.Buy cheap FIFA 18 coins from up your buy FIFA 18 coins at at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.

The content of these demos is still subject to discussion, EA Sports has decided to make playable no less than twelve teams with the possibility of evolving in four mythical stages. Adventure mode will also be playable, in a limited version. You will always be playing Alex Hunter, a promising young English player that you will have to evolve.

The twelve teams available are:

Manchester City
Manchester United
Real Madrid CF
Atlético de Madrid
Juventus F.C.
FC Bayern Munich
Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
LA Galaxy
Toronto FC
Boca Juniors
C.D. Guadalajara
Vissel Kobe
Four stadiums will be able to host the matches of this demo. These include the Santiago Bernabeu (Madrid), La Bombonera, the StubHub Center and the King Fahd Stadium. As a reminder, the full game will be available on September 29th. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy FIFA 18 coins and get deliver in no time.

Kind of film shoot officer! They live after retirement in the NBA more 6

recently, the news of the death of Chu Shijian’s uproar, in the parties rumor after we all know that the legendary old man is also happy to live in the world, on the Chu Shijian have too many stories can tell the story, In his body is the most cattle label is low after the majestic stand up.
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  In the NBA, there are many players in the retirement after nothing to do even into a bankruptcy crisis. When the two-day Scott – Pippen because of poor investment in bankruptcy, spent tens of millions of aircraft to buy their own planes did not sit, the same embarrassing there are 96 gold generation Iverson, the poorest time in court with Judges and his wife are poor, of course, some people take the championship ring to sell not to mention.

  Of course, there are some good young people can retire after relying on their hard-working hands glowing the second spring.

  Milicic is such a good young man, retired after the Milicic back home in Serbia. Compared to basketball, he found his home more suitable for his work, at home he contracted 125 acres of orchards, species of fruit exported to Dubai, Russia and Africa. Speaking of his NBA career, we all know that he is a member of the 03 gold generation, draft pick still Bosh and Wade before, but after joining the Pistons has been unable to play out, and later became the team’s auspicious Things, and then later removed the team can not play out, and now it seems more fruit for him. Of course, Milicic is also the closest to Chu Shijian a, after all, are engaged in fruit.

  Rick – Fox is OK combination of one of the best helper around, then the Lakers small forward stability of the starting, but the team has always been a flat faint presence, but after retirement Fox’s topic than when the NBA star more People concerned. After retirement, he became an adult film actor, the first masterpiece and the 2004 US AV Award for the best newcomer Tommy – Dani Ersi cooperation, the acting is by the latter greatly appreciated. Thin analysis, NBA players how many people do not love it?

  Kevin – Johnson in the NBA when it has been shine, 3 times selected NBA All-Star team, elected in 1989 NBA’s fastest player of the year, 4 times selected NBA best lineup, 1991, James Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, selected in 1992 NBA best team three array. (visit our site to buy nba 2k18 mt coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

  But after retirement he chose the politics, now is the mayor of Sacramento. Speaking of here there is a funny story, when Gottat was traded to the sun when the proposed 5W US knife to wear No. 13 jersey, but then No. 13 jersey owner Nash is the lack of money the main, he smiled Gortat said: “roll”. Then Gortat said again, I want to wear No. 7, when the team’s management said, you go to the mayor of Sacramento go. Helpless Gortat wearing a No. 4 jersey in Phoenix.


  God gives us more than one talent, when a road is finished or that is not smooth when the other a broad road will always beckoned to us (Click gameusd.comto buy NBA 2K 18 MT ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

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News reports -NFL the first week of the tournament has ended, the Patriots beat the Chiefs begin the opener big upset, the lightning kicker Korean with English will be the end of the cover shot lore, this week brought us too More exciting, let us take a look at what the performance of this week and play poor people, welcome to the first season of the new season NFL red and black list!

Red list

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

Kansas City Chief Card Karim Hunt running back

Chiefs of the rookie running back Karim Hunt in the season’s NFL opener left should be the history of the NFL’s highest light career debut, no one. In the “foot hair” Charles to switch to Denver, the team’s main runway Weir in the preseason suffered heavy injury season after the reimbursement, the 2017 three-round show running back Hunter will be transformed into the main running back. Even if his NFL career for the first time the ball is to push a ball to start, but this mistake has become his NFL first show of the catalyst: the audience 17 times in exchange for 148 yards (in which contact after the average code up to 4 yards ) In exchange for a touchdowns; 5 Smith’s goal to pass all missed 98 yards and 2 touchdowns, the audience a total of 246 yards 3 touchdowns, became the NFL history career first battle to get the most number of yards Player. Of course, career opener on the high light, I hope this does not mean that Hunter’s career can only go downhill it

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

Kansas City Chief Alex – Smith quarterback (Click to buy cheap madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The opener’s opener is also likely to be the best game for Smith’s career, and he left the defending champions at the Gillette stadium with 368 yards and four passers-up scouts 148.6 points. If the external group did not sell twice, Smith’s data can be increased by 133 yards). The 368 yards pass and then start to see, of which there are 4 times more than 20 yards long pass to try 3 times to return to 178 yards and 2 touchdowns (to know Smith in the 2016 season, more than 20 yards pass to try to change back The code number is only 521 yards). It is well known that Smith’s career has always been a short tradition, but has run into a coach like Andy Reid, who is good at designing all kinds of tricks, through a lot of Shovel Pass, Last season, took over the position 3 times, slot and running out of the 1, in the opener Smith appeared in the running back on a), making their own short board into a long, coupled with their sudden Emmanuel Now, led the team in the fox fort took a surprising victory.

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

Green Bay Packers Daniels Defense Striker

Daniels new season first game on the fire full, in front of the sea eagle attack striker 24 times in the pass left two sack 2 times down each other quarterback and 1 forced Wilson hastily shot A total of five times the pressure of manufacturing high-light data, he continued to use their own performance to tell the outside world is the league’s best one of the inside defender. This week’s professional football focus site left him with a score of 90.6 points.

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

Minnesota Viktor Diges / Serene took over

Vikings performed well in the first week of the year, and there was a problem when choosing two out of the way, so they got together. First said Diggs, the audience 8 times to pass the goal to catch 7 times did not sell in exchange for 93 yards and 2 touchdowns, is the first week of the game in the ball touchdowns up to the receiver, which 3 times 20 Code above the far pass when all the success of the return of 68 yards, as the Vikings outside the group in the far-reaching line of a terrible monster. And his teammate Salem 9 times to catch the ball back to 157 yards, then more than 20 yards long pass 2 then 2 in exchange for 62 yards.

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Aobu Lang wide receiver

Steelman this opener in Cleveland to win can be described as quite breathtaking. In the Bell case rejoin the joint training is not enough for one week, the Steelers this ball of fire pavement attack can be described as completely dead, but the Steelers quarterback Rose Rees Berg still has his most trusted wide receiver Anthony Aobu Lang – Full Brown The field was 11 passes all successful, including a defense by the other side of the players and the fourth section of the end of the 1v3 decision to win the outcome of the game difficult to catch the ball. The audience 182 yards catch the ball, as many as 95 yards after the ball came out of the ball.

Black list

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

Sea Eagle / Texas / Meng Hu whole attack line

First to capture the number of assassination, said the three teams were sent off the striker 3 times / 7 times / 3 times sacked (here is the statistics released by the striker out of the sack, so and less than the normal display of data). From the front line to release the total pressure, the Texas people in 48 pass files sent up to 31 times the pressure, Watson and Savage two quarterback in a hurry to hand up to 20 times. And Meng Hu’s offensive striker sent five times in the delivery of the case of 15 times the pressure sent. While the Hawks attack the striker in the 33 pass file sent 15 times the pressure. The three teams starting the average of five strikers are Meng Hu’s 39 points, Texas 39.8 points and Seahawks 51.2 points (out of 100 points, from the professional football focus website, the same below).

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

Kansas City Emirates Toulouse – Mitchell Corner

Mitchell hit 39 pass files, including 11 times the other quarterback pass to their own defensive goals, the opponent took over the ball 4 times to obtain 96 yards, of which 31 yards is the other after the ball received of. In addition, Mitchell surrendered as many as four fouls, two hinder the ball and two pull foul, sent 46 yards, Mitchell received only 33.5 points in the first week of the score.

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

New York giant Eli – Apul angle

Apple’s first season in the new season can be quite general performance. 10 times the face of the pass the cowboy of the receiver completed eight times in exchange for 99 yards and a touchdown, when Prescott to pass the ball to his zone, Prescott has 141.3 points Of the quarterback score. The first week of Apple only received a score of 43.8 points

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

Cincinnati Mumbai Andy – Dalton Quarterback

Dou Er Dun’s 2017 season can be described as a nightmare start. In the offensive striker is really not help any situation in the case of Dou Er Dun audience in the pressure of the pass only to hand over 7 pass 3 in 19 yards 5 times to be sacked and 2 times thrown out of the industry’s dismal performance. When there is no pressure in the case of pocket, Dou Er Dun also only hand over 24 pass 13 in 151 yards 4 steals, 33.9 points quarterback score bleak data. The audience 3 times to try more than 20 yards pass all without success. The final game of the game Dou Er Dun left 31 pass 16 in 170 yards 4 steals and 28.4 points quarterback score. This is definitely not normal for Douleton.

NFL first week red and black list: chiefs running back career to create history

New York Giants overall offensive group

Originally, I wanted to sing out the individual players alone into the black list, but eventually decided to put the entire giant’s offensive group on the black list. In the absence of Beckham, the Giants attacked the whole group and lost the soul. Eli Manning audience more than 10 yards pass 7 pass 4 there is a steals, 20 yards pass is only 1, and 6 passes after the kick line. The audience only 13 first attack, the team only 233 yards to promote the road is only 35 yards of the red ball (this 35 yards or even have 4 people together to complete, Perkins 16 yards, Dakota 14 Code, take over the Sherpard 6 yards, the last Manning himself ran a -1 code), and most of the data are from the second half. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

“World of Warcraft” to buy carnival tickets to send camp camps offer to buy quarter card to send 30 days

Original title: “World of Warcraft” to buy Carnival virtual tickets to send camp camp offer to buy quarter card to send 30 days
  ”World of Warcraft,” 7.3 version of the shadow of Agus has been officially on the line, whether you have set foot on the land of exotic planet, began to take risks? In this week we will usher in the new content of Agus: 5 underground city governor of the seat and the void of the furnace. Not only that, buy Blizzard Carnival virtual tickets can also get camp mounts, and in the “World of Warcraft” preferential month to enjoy the purchase season card to send 30 days of surprise benefits.

  Blizzard Carnival is about to buy virtual tickets to send camp camp

  The annual Blizzard game carnival is coming, come together to join the Blizzard player’s carnival! This year will still have to miss the wonderful content and activities, even if you can not visit the scene to participate in, you can also feel through the virtual ticket online full carnival, and get rich rewards.

  This year’s virtual tickets will take you to swim 2017 Blizzard Carnival. In the “World of Warcraft”, Azeroth’s heroes can also ride Stormwind day by day aircraft or Orgrimmar intercept airship, to express the support of Blizzard Carnival. Quickly ride on the cool ride to join us!

  ”World of Warcraft” offer month to buy quarter card to send 30 days

  ”World of Warcraft” offer month is now a grand opening! From now until October 7, “World of Warcraft” new account in the day cat Blizzard game official flagship store to buy the first month card only 30 yuan. At the same time, all players to buy quarter card will receive an additional 30 days of game time. Yu Tian cat Blizzard game official flagship store to buy quarter card, but also to grab 20 yuan discount coupons! Do not miss the epic adventures on the Agus planet? Then do not let this time to force the activities!
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  The new five underground city of the ruling group is open

  This week, “World of Warcraft” 7.3 will open a new five underground city, which is once the power center of Ereda: the ruling group seat. Now it has been occupied by the void and the mighty forces. In this underground city hall, you will face new challenges and understand the tragic fate of a valuable Nalu ally of Delaney.

  In the seat of the ruling group, you will face four new leaders, each with its own characteristics.

  Zular: his appearance on behalf of the film finally succeeded in creating a clear-headed vanity. As a once fame fighter, Zular use his new dark power to strengthen the attack, destroy the enemy.

  Sapu Rish: always believe that the tactical supremacy of Sapu Rush rely on sophisticated computing deployment of the forces of the film. Although it is already a mature commander and tactician, Saprish is still enjoying the feeling of being in person. He will use the enemy’s weaknesses against them, and release greedy pets against vulnerable enemies.

  Governor Nazar: Like his compatriots, Governor Nazar is addicted to the power of vanity to satisfy his ambitions. He was attracted by the mighty dark forces emanating from the depths of the ruling corps and wanted to take it at all. From the governor of the container to the shadow of the shadow strength of the experimental point of view, if not to stop, he won the results in Argus will be very terrible.

  Lula: Velen and his followers boarded Ginidal to flee Argus when Nalu Lula stayed and came for these Delaney for escape time. Kil’jaeden was angered by the defection, ordered the injured Nalu seal in the ruling group seat. After a long time, Lula from the light creatures degenerated into a void monster. Her beautiful courage and hope song into a desperate dark elegy, to lure those who want to win her power. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)