FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (19)

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Basic skill presentation

Passing articles

Straight plug ball

Straight plug ball simple and rude, but also rich in knowledge, is the best way to tear the other defense line passing.

To send a nice straight plug, you need to meet the following conditions.

Two or more players keep pace; catch the ball player is accelerating and approaching each other the last line of defense; passing the direction of the passing of the ball and the ball between the two lines of the angle ≤ ± 45 °; There is no defensive player in the range; there is no defensive player in the range of 1 meter near the ball.

To achieve the above conditions, you can send a beautiful straight plug the ball.

The ball player to get straight plug ball, no need to pass the ball as the ordinary pass the ball to stop the door, because the general straight plug the ball is sent to the player in front of the ball, so the ball can immediately kicker shot.

Open the door

I know that there are a lot of players to play FIFA will be used to open the door when the ball to the low level of the ball to the nearby defender.

The previous version, you can do so, but in the “FIFA18”, you have to be careful.

Because this generation if you choose the default formation, defense station will be partial, so you pass to the defender, easy to be the other side of the striker successfully grab.

In order to prevent this situation, you have to hold down the LT key, call a goalkeeper is facing the rear players come to catch the ball.

But this approach has a flaw, that is, will waste 1 to 3 seconds time, if you want to quickly open the door, playing a sudden raid, then there will be delays in time, is not conducive to attack.

So open the door, it is recommended that you are open to the two wings, this will be faster, if the demand is stable, then you call a defensive player, the ball passed to him, and then slowly pass too The ball is delivered to the front.

Corner kick

Since the beginning of “FIFA17”, the corner has become a way to aim the restricted area with a cursor.

Although the precision is improved, the ball from the corner ball out of the wonderful arc can also be glance, but this way for the handle of the players is not friendly.

Because the player using the handle, use the right joystick to control the cursor, and this aiming cursor often “reset (back to the small restricted area in the middle)”, this time the players need to continue to exert a slight strength to control the right rocker tilt. Seem very realistic, but it is very tiring effort. Players who use the keyboard are relatively comfortable because the cursor is not “reset”.

Then open the corner of the skills it In fact, the corner of the skills is “down”, the general choice of our offensive players and the other goalkeeper position between the location to ensure that the door is close to the door and the other goalkeeper can not be enough.

This sentence may be a bit abstract, you may open a few corner you will be familiar with this sense of distance.

Probably the placement can be selected between the small restricted area and the 12 yards.

As for the front point or after the point, to see the defensive arrangements at the time, generally I choose before / after the point, only the ball will be the top back to the restricted area in the middle, let the two players to finish playing the door, rarely choose Front or rear point to hit the door.

In addition you can also choose to open the short corner, press the LT key player can summon the corner of the ball near the work, you can just out of bounds when the ball tightly hold down the LT key, then the lens playback after you Will find that there are players standing next to the corner flag, then the other side of the defense certainly did not keep up with your rhythm.

After the short corner kick out, to copy the ball in the ball of the “bottom” approach on the line, you can choose to pass, inverted triangle or continue to reach the restricted area.

Another corner of the game there are quick tactics, before the corner is not issued, you can press the cross key, ask the players in the restricted area plan to choose the station to match you out of the corner (in fact, not big, I still recommend the corner , Fast to play slowly, kill the opponent a surprise, slowly transferred to transfer to the other side to stand a good position).

Big foot transfer

In a sidewalk can not open the situation, you can consider the big shift.

Sometimes the other side of the defense is very tight, you are difficult to find a single route in the flaws, this time you need to pay attention to the mini map and the distance winger post moves, as long as they run out of the gap, you can flew give them.

Although this approach some roundabout, but after the ball may be transferred to the overall situation of the entire stadium has a new view, rather than jerk to focus on a small area.

Another benefit of the transfer is to let the AI ​​control of the players to active, and sometimes, you can not wear the ball out, and can not break the other side of the defense to your offensive line to withstand, AI control of the players in the running naturally and slow Down, some even in the “walk”.

At this time you move, AI control of the players will try to find the neutral post moves, as long as they can run out of a “pretty position”, you can send a deadly pass.

But to remember that, of course, as well as the accuracy of short pass, so the goal must pass the ball at the choice of players. In the frontcourt for the transfer of the difficulty will be relatively large, in the backcourt big brother transfer problem is not large, although so, in the other side by pressing, the backcourt in the foot of the transfer of the ball, be sure to as much as possible, even the ball Flying out of the community should not be taken away by the other side.

Pass over the top

Over the top of the ball is only a straight plug of the deformation, need to meet some of the conditions to send out the top pass every second.

With the straight plug ball similar to the passer, the ball near the best 1m range are not running at high speed defensive player interference; catch the ball from the other side of the last line of defense do not need to overlap, or even up to 5 meters Distance; the ball player must be in high-speed running or there is a running trend of the situation, and its recent defensive player must be in a non-running state.

Over the top of the use of the ball almost straight with the straight plug ball, but the use of some differences in conditions, you have to learn to distinguish.

For example, the ball player is about to quickly break through each other’s defense, but there are defensive players around him in the chase, this time you should choose straight plug ball, rather than over the top pass; long distance, there are players intend to break The other side of the line of defense, you should choose to pass the top pass this time instead of straight plug the ball.

According to the above two examples, you have to pay attention to the top pass after the ball three points.

Long distance, it used to pass the ball (straight plug the ball can not pass more than two defensive players), press the LT key to control the ball at the foot, this method can make good footwork players instantly stick the ball stick Side (relatively rough point of the foot of the players can also use two under the ball approach to control the ball down);

If you can not be in place, you will be the ordinary high lob, this time you have to switch to the ball players to compete for the first placement; if the ball received, remember to control the ball down again Line (some players catch the ball easily after the split is intended to turn the ball, but your ball did not control directly to turn around, it is easy to take the ball away from the foot, this time you should go along the potential of the ball to move forward) The

Also note that the top pass is best to go to the sidewalk, of course, can be sent to the middle of the road is the best choice, flew will be able to form the opportunity to fight the door, if only pass the wing, then you can consider the bottom operating. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (5)

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Celebrate action instructions

Running to celebrate the action

Hold down the B key: lift an arm

Hold down the X key: suck the thumb

Hold down the Y key: the palm of your hand on the ear to listen to the pitch cheers

Click on a B key + hold down the B key: (hand) pointing to the front

Click on the X key + hold down the X key: expand your arms

Click on the Y key + hold down the Y key: turn the wrist

Press the right rocker: imitate the plane

↑ push the right joystick: point to the sky

→ push the right rocker: hush !!!

↓ push right stick: call

← Push the right joystick: Can you hear me?

Go to the right shaking and then zip push the right rocker: spread out his hands

Go to ← push the right rocker and then go → push the right rocker: come!

To ↓ push the right rocker and then ↑ push the right rocker: kiss

To ↑ push the right rocker and then ↓ push the right rocker: arms swing

To the right to shake the right to go → push the right rocker: birds

To ← push the right stick and then ← push the right rocker: his hands Baotou

To ↓ push the right rocker and then ↓ push the right rocker: heart-shaped gestures

To ↑ push the right rocker and then ↑ push the right rocker: arms hold high

Turn the right joystick clockwise a week: Big windmill

Complete action to celebrate

Hold down the LT key + ↑ push the right joystick 2 times: beat the corner flag

Hold down the LB key + ↓ pull the right rocker twice: businessmen to celebrate

Hold down the LB key + click the Y key: make the wave

Press and hold the LB key + click the X key: the abdomen sliding

Hold down the LB key + click on the B key: double refers to the day

Hold down the LB key + click 2 times the B key: to show respect

Hold down the LB key + → push the right rocker: archery

Hold down the LB key + ← push the right rocker: punch and dodge

Hold down the LB button + ↓ ↑ push the right rocker: chest sliding

Hold down the LB button + ← → push the right stick: shake the head

Hold down the LB button + ↑ ↑ push the right joystick: somersault (agile player can start) or point to the fans

Hold down the LB key + turn the right joystick clockwise: the side turn (agile player can start) or scroll + boxing

Hold down the LB key + turn the right joystick clockwise: double back (agile player can start) or scroll

Hold down the LT key + B key: Shoe shoes

Hold down the LT key + X key: pull the violin

Hold down the LT key + Y key: Spanish archery

Hold down the LT key + click the X key twice:

Hold down the LT key + click 2 times the Y key: the heel tapping

Hold down the LT key + ↑ push the right joystick: kneel to slide

Hold down the LT key + push the right stick: I can not hear you

Hold down the LT key + ↓ Push the right joystick: Slide

Hold down the LT key + ← push the right rocker: brick fall

Hold down the LT key + ↑ ↓ push the right rocker: kneel to slide

Hold down the LT key + ← → push the right stick: samba

Hold down the LT key + → ← Push the right stick: Who am I?

Hold down the LT key + ↓ ↓ push the right rocker: kneel down and sit down

Hold down the LT key + ← ← push the right rocker: chicks walk

Hold down the LT key + turn the right joystick clockwise a week: bounce (agile player to start) or cat step

Hold down the LT + counterclockwise to turn the right joystick a week: turn bounce (agile player can start) or cat step roll

Hold down the RT key + press the right joystick: can i hear you?

Hold down the RB key + click 2 times Y key: why always me (Pakistan God in Manchester City when the celebration action)

Hold down the RT key + click 2 times B key: kiss the pitch

Hold down the RB key + Y key: salute

Hold down the RT key + ↓ ↓ push the right rocker: water pipe

Hold down RB key + click 2 times button: peacock

Hold down the RT key + B key: blame

Hold down the RB key + ← ← push the right rocker: the moon stroll

Professional players unlock to celebrate the action

Hold down the RT key + push the right rocker: many bows and arrows

Hold down the RT key + → push the right stick: hear

Hold down the RT key + ↓ push the right rocker: threw down after kneeling worship

Hold down the RT key + click 2 times X key: somersault

Hold down the RB key + click 2 times X key: slide backwards

Hold down the RB key + press the right rocker: cockroach

Hold down the RB key + ↑ ↑ push the right rocker: river dance

Hold down the RB key + → → push the right rocker: break dance

Hold down the RT key + ← push the right rocker: kneeling to pray

Hold down the RB key + turn the right joystick counterclockwise: move backward

Hold down the RT key + turn the right joystick clockwise: uncontrolled somersault

Hold down the RT key + turn the right joystick counterclockwise: handstand

Hold down the RT key + ↑ ↑ push the right joystick: rotate & drop

Hold down the RT key + ← ← push the right rocker: kneeling boating

Hold down the RT key + → → push the right rocker: sit down rowing

Hold down the RT key + X key: kneeling to walk

Hold down the RT key + Y key: cradle

Hold down the RT key + click 2 times Y key: baby

Hold down the RB key + ↑ right rocker: dive

Hold down the RB key + → right rocker: karate fly

Hold down the RB key + ↓ right rocker: jump high kick

Hold down the RB key + ↓ ↑ right rocker: skating

Hold down the RB key + ← → right rocker: golf swing

Hold down the RT key + ↓ ↑ right rocker: dance 1

Hold down the RT key + ↑ ↓ right rocker: dance 2

Hold down the RT key + ← → right rocker: dance 3

Hold down the RT key + → ← right rocker: dance 3

EAS FC unlocks the celebration action

Hold down the LB key + click 2 times X key: fly kick corner ball flag

Hold down the RB key + B key: just here is now

Hold down the LT key + ↓ ↑ push the right stick: bite the hand

Hold down the RB key + ← push the right stick: stand high

Hold down the LT key + click 2 times B key: pro wrist

Hold down the LT key + press the right rocker: the elderly ask back slowly (Eto’o was Mourinho said he false age, to celebrate the action to respond)

Hold down the LB key + click 2 times Y key: cool

Hold down the LB button + ↑ push the right rocker: bear

Hold down the LB button + ↓ push the right rocker: riding a cat

Hold down the LB button + ↑ ↓ push the right rocker: chick dance

Hold down the LB key + → ← push the right stick: just

Hold down the LB button + → → push the right stick: small pie

Hold down the RB key + ↑ ↓ push the right rocker: show muscle

Hold down the RB key + → ← push the right joystick: push-ups

Hold down the RB key + turn the right joystick clockwise: creep

Hold down the RB key + ↓ ↓ push the right rocker: dance

Hold down the RB key + X key: the joy of the birds

Hold down the LB key + press the right joystick: Light dance (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Clash Royale, card guide: the best decks for the Flying Machine

Our guide letters of ‘Clash Royale’ goes on to help create the most devastating mallets, and we could not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to the last letter to arrive, but weak agile flying machine the ultimate challenge.
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There are still a few days left for the letter to start to emerge in the coffers, but after the challenge of this weekend you can already see some users trying to integrate it into their decks. This is all we have learned from its synergies and weaknesses to create the best decks of the Flying Machine .

Miner and Flying Machine

The mix of Minero and Megacaballero has become a classic of the goal, but now has a new ally, the Flying Machine . The idea behind this deck is that the Megacaballero is the one that draws the attention of defensive troops and towers, thus allowing the Minero to do his job behind the enemy tower without problems.

Poison, Discharge and Electric Magician are responsible for facilitating the work of both the Miner and the Megacaballero, but now we also have the option of having a Flying Machine attacking from afar to slow down enemy attacks from above. If we arrive with the Megacaballero to the tower and the opponent does not have elixir left, the Bat or Bandida can be a crucial support to throw the tower.

Flying goblin

Same strategy as with the Megacaballero, but this time with the long life of a Golem as the main claim for defensive troops. Behind him, the Flying Machine will be as accurate as a spear-throwing Goblin, but he can do so without having to cross with ground troops or logs that knock him out at the first change.

Infernal Dragon and Night Witch serve to finish the job if the Golem is not enough and creates a counter, but if both reach the tower and the Golem is still standing, the opponent may be lost. Save the arrows for possible attacks on the Flying Machine if you have not managed to get rid of a horde from a distance.

Cemetery and Flying Machine

The mix of Cemetery and Ice is always devastating, but even more so if the Ice Golem or Megacaballero have managed to catch the attention of potential enemies that protect the tower. Both, next to the Tomb, can serve as a defense against imminent danger, but if you also have the Flying Machine guarding your back, the counter can be epic.

As in other decks, avoid using it without support and in the first line, it is a very fragile card that can leave you sold easily if you do not keep it well guarded. Try to keep her away from the towers when you put her in play to prevent a Fireball from doing as much damage to her as your defenses. (Click
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The best players of FIFA Mobile – Tricks, the most decisive and how to invest currencies

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Let’s talk about the best players of FIFA Mobile, the most decisive players, those that you can get cheap and also of tricks of FIFA Mobile to get them before.

With the best players of FIFA Mobile you will have a powerful team capable of winning all the matches that stand out to you. Before we start talking about the most important players in the game we will give you a few tricks of FIFA Mobile, which are more tips to save and get to have them without too much effort.

best players of FIFA Mobile

How to get coins in FIFA Mobile fast?
The best way to get coins in FIFA Mobile fast is to play in attack mode, because you’ll get 200 coins easily. The key, and for this there are no FIFA Mobile tricks you can use, is that you accumulate good results game after game playing the season to make you 800 coins. To get the best players of FIFA Mobile you have to accumulate FIFA points and coins.

Another of the tricks of FIFA Mobile that you have to follow is not to buy big stars. We all want to have Messi on the team, but if you invest your coins in it you will be left without them to buy other players. The key to FIFA Mobile is to have a balanced team, so look for players who are not less than 70 but not over 75, in that margin you will find the players of FIFA Mobile.

best players of FIFA Mobile

How to get the best cheap players from FIFA Mobile?
For this there are two tricks of FIFA Mobile: control the market and improve your players with FIFA plans. The FIFA market varies over time, so always be on the lookout for it to buy. Again we insist that you look for players that are around the 75 of valuation, thus you will get a good team without ruining you.

And after these simple tricks of FIFA Mobile, we are going to talk about the best players, more tips to get free coins in FIFA Mobile and also how to take advantage of players in form and determinants.

Top 10 FIFA Mobile Players – Top Rated
I’ll tell you the 10 best players of FIFA Mobile, are the best rated and the most performance in general, if you get clap your ears because they are players absolutely decisive. When it comes to talking about the best players of FIFA Mobile you will realize that it has a lot to do with their performance in real life. From the last to the first are the following:

Top FIFA Mobile players – Zlatan Ibrahimović
Manchester United player and rated 86. He is the tenth best player of FIFA Mobile, so keep that in mind for your team.

Top FIFA Mobile players – David De Gea
He is also Manchester United player, this well-known goalkeeper is valued with a 87 becoming the second best goalkeeper of the game.

Top FIFA Mobile players – Robert Lewandowski
We continue with a Bayern Munich player, like De Gea, Robert is valued with a 87.

best players in FIFA Mobile

Top FIFA Mobile players – Gareth Bale
The Titan of Real Madrid is also valued with a 87, we think he deserves more but who are we to enter the assessments of FIFA Mobile.

Top FIFA Mobile players – Neymar Jr.
Neymar Jr. takes a 88 inside FIFA Mobile, you will see many FC Barcelona players in this list, starting with Neymar.

Top FIFA Mobile players – Luis Suárez
Luis Suárez ties with Neymar Jr. in evaluation, two very solid 88 that transform these two into one of the most decisive players of FIFA Mobile, but not the cheapest.

Top FIFA Mobile players – Jérôme Boateng
We return to Bayern Munich to meet this great player and his 89.

Top FIFA Mobile players – Manuel Neuer
Neuer, also from Bayern Munich is the best rated goalkeeper of FIFA Mobile with a 89.

Top FIFA Mobile players – Cristiano Ronaldo
We started with the pikes, and we tell you that there are no tricks of FIFA Mobile to put Cristiano above Messi in valuation. Cristina takes a 90, and Messi …

best players of FIFA Mobile

Top FIFA Mobile players – Lionel Messi
The Argentine star receives the best rating with a 91, becoming the most decisive player of all FIFA Mobile.

Anyway, although these players with the best score, be very attentive to Eden Hazard, Sergio Ramos, Anthony Martial, Séamus Coleman, Antoine Griezmann, James Rodriguez, Marco Reus and Sergio Aguero. The people who are playing FIFA Mobile with them are getting a lot of performance. We recommend that you keep an eye on this list because there are many changes in regards to the best FIFA Mobile players of the moment.

Top FIFA Mobile Players – Player Predictions
To know which players to buy there is a FIFA Mobile trick that you have to know and it is the one of the players in form. EA Sports itself chooses the players who take this mention. If you follow the sets of the day you can predict which players will be players in the form of the next, staying with players that work better than others.

Doing so will allow you to make your player predictions in shape and squeeze your best FIFA Mobile players even more. To keep an eye on which players are chosen, follow the EA Sports website .

FIFA Mobile Cheats – Final Tips for Determining FIFA Mobile Players
The best tricks of FIFA Mobile that you can follow is to read the websites that we have suggested to find out which players are in shape and the determinants of each day, that you start buying players that are around the 75 of valuation to start to play well, that you win coins playing in season and overcoming challenges, and do not obsess about buying the best players of FIFA Mobile at the beginning. Now you just have to enjoy the game. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


clash royale gems
Although he had been anticipating their arrival several days ago, Clash Royale received the most update of its history since launching there in January of last year. Modes of play, new daily system of rewards, improved chat, possibility of revenge, etc.

Below we will tell you in detail what includes this expected autumn update .

Daily missions

In the place previously reserved for the free coffers now we will find the section of Missions . In this section we will find up to four possible challenges to complete. Each of them assigns a number of points to a rewards chest, in a manner similar to how the Crowns are filling up the clan vault bars.

When we get the necessary points, we will unlock a chest directly without the necessary hours for the opening of the sandboxes. Although we will usually find gold coffers, there is also the possibility of opening super-magic and legendary coffers. In addition to the points for the greater reward, each of the challenges or tasks has its own bonus in the form of gold and / or cards.

Game Modes

After 2v2, this time Touchdown, the first mode of play without towers . As in the challenges of choice, at the beginning we will choose a letter between 4 pairs, sending the discard to the rival. This homage to American football consists of a scenario divided into three sectors, the own field, the rival and the media area. The goal is for one of our units to cross the entire field alive to get an essay , which will give us a crown.

The mechanics for punctuation are the same as in the past; with each race successfully achieved, we will get a crown up to a maximum of 3 to win the match. There will be a time limit on who will win more crowns at that time, and in case of tie, extension and sudden death.

It’s funny how all this changes the importance of the cards. Rapid units like Montapuercos or Ariete will be a toothache, but stopping in time other tank type units like Lava Hound or Golem can be a challenge. Finally, the structures become vital cards to be successful in this mode of play, as we need their defensive capabilities and their role as bait so that the troops of the rivals do not exceed our bottom line.

In addition, there will be Gold Fever and Gem Fever events that will cause you to destroy the towers in normal modes by getting a bonus of the two coin types in the game. The last of the new features will be called “Double deck” and will have the two players have the same deck. In all game modes there will be a quick rematch option as well as an improved chat.

Varied improvements

It is already possible to share the different decks outside the game. The same system allows you to add friends without requiring external social networks. The store now always shows 6 cards. The first of the cells is reserved for a free box a day or one to buy. Also, on Sundays, the day usually intended for the purchase and donation of epic cards will mean that we will get one for free. top up gems clash royale

7.3 big secret skills: a detailed explanation of the second hall of the heroes of the anti-pull mode

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Why should we pull?
  Anti-pull can be achieved:

  First, the electric hood and light ball AOE zero damage, this stage of treatment can not have to pay any skills, easy flat brush all the blood to deal with the next arc sword.

  Second, the arc sword and the drive light only 4 layers of damage, greatly enhance the name of Gou live rate, do not need to open what damage reduction skills can also live to die.


  Has been able to pull, so far can still pull, do not say what has been amended, I even think that this is the right way to play, Blizzard is intended to be the case.

  Genre and distinction:

  Anti-pull is a genre, different anti-pull way, the effect is very different, so some people say that anti-pull useless, it was said that the effect is not obvious, there are higher damage, but the perfect anti-pull can really hurt reduce.

Two common anti-pull methods:
  First to say one of the most common but completely wrong way, the light area open strange, and then brought to the middle of the double line, zoom before the move to the area, let BOSS light ball skills. This way is only to achieve the reverse put the skills, but did not really reduce the damage, because the two lines during the BOSS two BUFF stack is very high, no matter what skills are big shot. It is this way of the wrong way, destroyed the reputation of anti-pull, so many people think that anti-pull useless or even increase the damage.

  The second correct way, the light area open strange, so BOSS in the light area single line, in the BOSS zoom strokes a few seconds before the rapid displacement, so that BOSS quickly moved to the electric area, almost no double connection time, so BOSS in the Move to the electric area when the electric area BUFF just started stack, light zone BUFF in the rapid elimination, no matter what skills, are very low damage, if the control is good, BOSS will put light ball skills, that is, The reverse put the skills. Note that this way, even if there is no reverse put the skills, but also has greatly reduced the damage, be considered a perfect normal pull it, than the perfect anti-pull or slightly worse, how to fight the perfect anti-pull, the following will be mentioned.

Anti-pull principle:
  Before the way, the first science principle. He Ya in the connection between light and electricity, who will BUFF, and constantly stacked, the next big trick to release the body BUFF layer of the corresponding high skills, that is, electric or light ball. Similarly, arc sword and deportation light is also in accordance with this rule to put. The higher the number of layers, the higher the damage.

  So, in fact, the so-called anti-pull, not to reverse the skills for the purpose, but to control the number of layers to reduce the damage to the next skill, each T should go to pursue this goal, rather than simply look only Whether to reverse the skills. When you minimize the damage to the time, naturally, to achieve a perfect anti-pull.

Anti-pull method:
  Principle to understand, and then return to continue to say.

  Just talked about the light area to open the strange example (in fact, the same area open strange), hands open area, boss directly ran to the light area, this time there is no double connection, who only light buff, and Constantly superimposed. According to dbm tips or mental arithmetic, you can know there are a few seconds will release a big move, according to the different T running speed, ahead of the boss toward the opposite power area, boss running speed is fixed, so the best results, he will double Connection for about 1 second, and then become a single connection to get electric buff and start stacking, and because the disconnect light connection, then the existing light buff began to cut. If the time count enough accurate, then the skills before the release of the moment, the light buff will be 5, the electric buff will be 4, because the light is more than a layer of electricity, so according to the rules, the system decided to release light ball skills. And in the real release of the skills of the moment, the light buff will drop to 4, the electric buff will rise to 5, then the light ball damage will be 4 layers as a benchmark for sustained release, and because there is no light connection, so the damage will be lower and lower, Until the buff disappeared, almost no damage, this time the electric buff is still rising, but does not affect the release of light ball damage.

  Then focus to the, although AOE almost no harm, but the next move the arc light sword or drive out, then the system will once again under the BOSS which BUFF high, and decided to arc light or drive light. Obviously it should be electric BUFF higher, then it will certainly release arc sword. In order to reduce this damage, in the light ball at the end of the moment, T should be quickly moved to the light area, boss put light ball will immediately chase T to the light area running, that is, boss in the power area to stay the shorter, The lower the damage of an arc sword, which depends entirely on the movement speed of T and the timing of the belt. There is a very need to T attention here, if the band is too fast, boss lost the connection too early, then the body does not have enough electric buff, ran to the light area will make light buff than electric biff high, then the next skill The discharge hood, but according to the rules can only light ball, then no longer put the skills in reverse, but twice will be put light ball, pull pull failure (although failure, but the damage is still lower than normal).

  So, T need to always pay attention to the boss body buff stack situation, the random response to determine the timing of the next band to ensure that the skills can be maintained in the reverse cycle, as quickly as possible with the bit, so that the boss of the arc sword and drive light as much as possible To release in low order.

  In my experience, it is not difficult to maintain the reverse skills, but how to synchronize the arc and the escape light only in accordance with the 4-layer buff is a very need to carefully control the skills. My little trick is that each time with a boss post moves to take a small step, that is, just broke off the opposite position in the boss, with boss and then take a step, so in the next cycle, the boss ran Speed ​​chase me to the opposite of the big move, just to maintain the broken buff than the line buff more than a layer, this node is just to maintain the reverse release of the skills cycle, but also the arc sword and destroy the light damage to a minimum. Worse half a second or half step will not work.

Anti-pull some of the small points:
  Finally talk about some of the small experience.

  First, the anti-pull on the T’s moving speed is very high, with the faster, double the shorter the time, the next skill the lower the damage.

  Second, the speed requirements are also very high, Caton delay is a success rate, unless your delay is large, but very stable, you can fully predict how long ahead of the band.

  Third, open the strange addition to all the people except T, should go to the opposite, do not advance into the battle, so T brought the boss and then hands. Because the arc sword and the expulsion of light is definitely not released on the T, so in the T band with the process, if the boss hatred list of no other person, then he will be very stable with the T post moves, will not stop to release any skill. But if the dps or treatment ahead of hands, then the boss post moves in the process is likely to stop when the double line to put a move to drive light, resulting in the anti-pull on the complete failure, even if the reverse light ball , But because the double connection time is too long, buff has been stacked high, put out the skills have been increased damage, loss of anti-pull meaning.

  Summed up in three sentences:

  First, try to reduce the time of double connection.

  Second, always pay attention to control the number of buff layers.

  Third, the reverse put the skills is not the goal, the focus is to really reduce the damage.

  Let’s say so much, enough novice to practice for a while. Hope that this post can help people know what to understand the correct understanding of the principles and techniques of anti-pull, the skills of popularization, do not say anything anti-pull useless, respect for this to pay a lot of practice and effort of every tank. Also do not throw all the pressure to the treatment, no matter how good the treatment has the limit, and this skill can help you break the limit. (Click to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

EA happy from ear to ear: “FIFA18” sale of the first weekend players that over 1.6 million

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EA’s popular soccer simulation series of games FIFA’s latest work “FIFA18”, also is the series of 25 works, listed on the first weekend, in the whole platform to attract 1.6 million simultaneous online players.
  The news is released through the EA official Twitter account, and po out of the game cover star Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo).
EA happy from ear to ear: “FIFA18″ sale of the first weekend players that over 1.6 million
  It is worth noting that EA does not provide any further details about this number. For example, we do not know how the figure is compared to the same period last year, and even the other series of records.
  To be sure, this figure is not the highest record of this series, because if this is the case, then EA will certainly book a large book. Nonetheless, the number of online players at 1.6 million was impressive, especially given that it was just released on Friday (September 29).
  ”FIFA18” has landed PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo NS, Xbox 360 and PS3, priced at $ 59.99.

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Artwork from the basketball simulation NBA 2K18.

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For years, NBA 2K from 2K Games has been considered one of the best sports simulations. Now the NBA 2K18 wants to extend the playful options again – especially off the pitch. Virtual athletes can explore an open world for the first time. But the script does not convince everyone.
A test by Thorsten Wiesner
From the first second, NBA 2K18 scores with a staging: top players like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook appear next to young talents like Lonzo Ball impressively animated, plus a great soundtrack. The feeling of being part of an elaborate TV big event comes believably – also through elaborate presentations and guest commentaries of legends like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett.
Experienced players, who enter the optically further refined place will quickly feel at home. Because in the actual game has not changed much compared to the predecessor. Once again, the litter was adapted, which made distance throwing this year in the theory again somewhat easier makes. But in practice even a Kevin Durant throws amazingly often beside it.

Apart from that, a lot of things feel familiar, but also just as usual. NBA 2K18 is not really a beginner-friendly game: anyone who starts a match for the first time can be overwhelmed with the complexity and the playful possibilities. After some training, however, there are also few sports games that offer such a tactical depth and so many possibilities. Nevertheless, players of the predecessor can motzen, because really much was adjusted last year not.

Non-round basketball neighborhood
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A great innovation is “Run The Neighborhood.” For the first time, 2KGames integrates an open game world in which players can walk around freely. Train, get freedoms, get tattooed or dressed, negotiate a new sponsorship deal at the office and invest the fresh money in the shop next door for new sneakers – everything is now possible.

What sounds great, but does not really work in the game itself. Not all activities are fun, and many stretches now being stretched are like an artificial playtime extension. In combination with some technical problems such as long loading times, this is often the reason for frustration rather than motivation.

Other changes are taking place outside the arenas such as Staples Center and Co. Thus the well-known Modivielfalt was inflated again by additional contents. Players can train, complete individual games or complete seasons, let off with team-mode cards, take over the management of a team or start their own career right from the start.

Media player poster frame
Video: NBA 2K18 – Trailer (Shaq) (0:43)
The latter, however, disappoints with a story that is so full of clichés and arbitrariness. As 2K Games would have had to invest more time and effort in the screenplay. Even the more numerous options to be able to upgrade their own character faster against the use of real money will not please everyone.

NBA 2K18 is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows-PC and costs about 50 Euro (PC) and 60 Euro (consoles). The game is released by the USK without age restriction.


Those who love the NBA and basketball will get a goose bumps when NBA 2K18 is staged. The presentation is once again a class in itself, the play on the parquet is demanding and enthralling, albeit with little relevant innovations.

The great praises of the previous years fall out this year because of some problems off the square. The story is hardly to be taken seriously, the free world is rather desolate. In addition, there are a few technical problems and the stronger influence of the purchaseable game progress. This darkens the otherwise usual positive impression. (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer, the enemy brothers of the ball

Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer, the enemy brothers of the ball
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The stars or the style of play? The fierce competition between the two blockbusters of the football simulation marked a whole generation of players.
You are rather Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer ? These soccer simulation games have been in cultural and social economic warfare for nearly twenty years. A duel without equal and rich in twists and turns. Whether it’s Halo vs. Destiny or Splinter Cell vs. Ghost Recon , other videogame franchises have never reached such a level of rivalry.
Today, Fifa has delighted the crown to his opponent. Its impressive communication policy, its advertising omnipresence have played their part, but the battle will have been tough. It begins when 3D invites itself in video games, with the arrival of the PlayStation in the course of the 1990s. EA (editor of Fifa ) like Konami (the developer of Pro Evolution Soccer) each have their own football game, and are aware of the exponential growth of this sport in the media. But how to develop this chicken with golden eggs? An existential question permeates the brain of these two publishers: do fans of football video games indulge in this leisure by passion for this sport, or rather to incarnate their idols during a virtual game?
Soccer stars
The staring of footballers is a tremendous asset to boost their sales. During the 1990s, EA bought all the official licenses for all sports: NBA, NHL (hockey), NFL (American football) … nothing escapes its gluttony. From 1997 , Fifa took the opportunity to propose a comprehensive panel of more than 150 national teams and a dozen different championships. A perfect strategy to fan the flame of the supporter: winning the Champions League with his local team of heart, only happiness!
Opponent, Konami struggle not without difficulty. Unlike EA, the company does not have the right to use the real names of players, but bypassing this obstacle by integrating pseudo-loved ones with a few letters close to the real surname. The initiative seems grotesque, but some hijackings become cults in the eyes of gamers, as Wiltord turned into Wiltordu or Ronaldo changed into Ronarid.
Fifa falls asleep
Fifa then makes a monumental strategic error: to believe that he is untouchable. After the 1998 World Championship (the real one, won by the Blues), Electronic Arts ‘ baby rests on its laurels in terms of technological performance, contenting itself with quasi – conforming suites from year to year. The Fifa version 2000 is almost a simple update of the previous opus! At more than 300 francs (50 euros, already!) The game, the facelift seems very expensive.
Visibly aware of this weakness, Konami is developing, in replacement of ISS, the PES series : a simulation of football that is both more elaborate and realistic and which brings real graphical and technical improvements. But in the early 2000s, the attachment of the thirty-year-olds and quadra to this or that game was much less than today.
The putsch by word-of-mouth

In 2000, the putsch that knocks down Fifa in favor of PES is therefore carried out mainly in the colleges and lycées. Word-of-mouth in playgrounds is far more effective than conventional advertising. PES supporters are able to convey an image of true enthusiasts, and to anchor the idea that those who really love football opt for PES , those who prefer stars turn to Fifa .
PES brings the player back to the reality of the field. The matches are the opposite of those completely cartoonsque Fifa , punctuated by unreal goals (like scissors to 25 meters or shots of the central circle) and punctuated by scores of table football. The consumer of PES experiences the frustration of the footballer who misses a control, bumps against a hermetic defense or misses a pass a priori easy. The joystick configuration also changes. We do not fire a shot with the notorious O button of the PlayStation controller, as for Fifa , but with the famous “square” button. This detail, which is not negligible, is for a long time a sign of gratitude: “Tell me what you strike, I shall know what game you prefer.”
PES dethrone Harry Potter
In the early 2000s, PES is “the most popular cultural product in France , sold every year to more than one million copies. Even popular comic books like Asterix , Harry Potter or Titanic’s DVD are dethroned. The game of Konami becomes a social phenomenon, replaces the card games among young adults and settles in the heart of the homes. “I do not even count the evenings, at four, eight or ten guys, where the main occupation was to play mainly at the console,” says Aurélien Adam, blogger specializing in soccer games .
But, because there is one but, his overwhelming leadership position leads the PES franchise to commit the same mistakes as the Fifa franchise ten years earlier: no questioning and annual opus with no noticeable evolution. “The year 2007 and the technological turn of the PlayStation 3 were very badly apprehended by PES . Conversely, Fifa has completely changed face and in turn offered a real and beautiful simulation of football that year. ”
As a result, the transfer of power to EA takes place almost as brutally as a decade earlier. “The explosion of the online games between Internet users has also considerably re-launched Fifa , which was able to create a worldwide community of gamers linked together via the Web,” explains Aurélien Adam. We are then far from the small local meetings where the PES enthusiasts mistrusted in flesh and blood. The expression “world village” dear to Marshall McLuhan to describe the phenomenon of planetary globalization finds its full meaning here. The Fifa player can scoff at an opponent thousands of miles away as if it were his neighbor table.
” Fifa has an unbeatable career path”
The other advantage of the PES scorer is his official franchise portfolio, allowing him to develop a multitude of game modes. ” Fifa’s career mode , where you can play a young player and make him progress, is clearly unequaled . They are also the true coaches that are found on the bench, “details Aurélien Adam. With the exception of Carlo Ancelotti who was recently sacked from Bayern , but who is still posted in the video game.
The tactical options to have full control over the game of his team have also really evolved over the years. You can have your team play as you like. The sophistication is such that Fifa has even taken market share to pure simulation coaching, Football Manager . “In Fifa , we decide on the sports policy of his club and we play his team on the field. The cap is double, and therefore more interesting for the gamer. ”
The technological upturn has its source in the commercial success of these games, still sold several million copies this year. The success is such that the balance of power has even reversed with the real actors of football: “Today, several major clubs have their eSports section with, for example, gamers who represent the colors of the PSG. The world stars of the ball are all displayed in front of a console now, “Aurélien Adam welcomes. Realism does not always prevail over fiction. (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Mandzukic’s memorable goal

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The bicycle kick from Mario Mandzukic against Real Madrid for the FIFA Puskás Award nominated
The goal in the final of the UEFA Champions League was the crowning conclusion of an impressive combination of Juventus
It was probably the most beautiful goal in the big European final
What do Roberto Carlos 2004, Gianluca Vialli 1995 and Steve MacKenzie 1981 have in common? They all scored great goals in the final, which then fell into oblivion because their team was defeated. If there is such a thing as justice, this fate should not catch the goal of Mario Mandzukic of Juventus.

The general opinion is that the most beautiful goal of a UEFA Champions League final, in the modern era of football, was achieved with a sensational volley shot by a great French player who hit the ball that fell out of the Glasgower Nachthimmel Madrid to secure his ninth title. The man who scored this goal – Zinédine Zidane – was in the very first row on the field when Mandzukic scored a goal that would have deserved every trophy and, of course, the victory in every game.

Bild auf Twitter anzeigen
Bild auf Twitter anzeigen
JuventusFC ✔@juventusfcen

GAME ON!!!! #UCLFinal
03:15 – 4. Juni 2017
80 80 Antworten 2.926 2.926 Retweets 4.185 4.185 „Gefällt mir“-Angaben
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This hit for the FIFA Puskás Prize is not only impressive, however, by the finish we are about to come to. The impressive combination that opened Real’s defense began with one of the wide diagonals of Leonardo Bonucci, with which he found Alex Sandro on the left side of the box. The Brazilian left-back defensive player continued the ball to Gonzalo Higuain, who took the ball in the air and then passed on to Mandzukic, who was just behind the penalty area with his back to the goal.

The Croatian chipped the ball with his chest and then hit the leather with a delicate fall crutch, which, like a bowlamp, descended over the desperately stretching Keylor Navas just below the flank in the Madrid goal. From the moment Bonucci hit his long pass, the ball never touched the ground again until he fidgeted in the net.

michael owen ✔@themichaelowen
OMG. Talk about finishes. That’s sublime. #mandzukic
03:16 – 4. Juni 2017
25 25 Antworten 259 259 Retweets 746 746 „Gefällt mir“-Angaben
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The amazed face of the great player with the number 17, who turned off in the Prinz-Park and celebrated the gate, speaks volumes. When he finally reached the center line at his gate, he knew what he had achieved. The goal of all dreams, achieved on the stage of a great final 1: 1 against the title defense, with which he held all the hopes of winning the title alive.

If it had been the goal with which Juventus had won the first UEFA Champions League win in 20 years, the goal would surely be praised as one of the most beautiful goals of all time. However, Real made it 4-1 in the end, but the hit was on the wrong side.

Nevertheless, it is very unlikely that this gate will be forgotten. However, whether it wins the FIFA Puskás Prize depends on you. Here you can vote . (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)