FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (19)

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Basic skill presentation

Passing articles

Straight plug ball

Straight plug ball simple and rude, but also rich in knowledge, is the best way to tear the other defense line passing.

To send a nice straight plug, you need to meet the following conditions.

Two or more players keep pace; catch the ball player is accelerating and approaching each other the last line of defense; passing the direction of the passing of the ball and the ball between the two lines of the angle ≤ ± 45 °; There is no defensive player in the range; there is no defensive player in the range of 1 meter near the ball.

To achieve the above conditions, you can send a beautiful straight plug the ball.

The ball player to get straight plug ball, no need to pass the ball as the ordinary pass the ball to stop the door, because the general straight plug the ball is sent to the player in front of the ball, so the ball can immediately kicker shot.

Open the door

I know that there are a lot of players to play FIFA will be used to open the door when the ball to the low level of the ball to the nearby defender.

The previous version, you can do so, but in the “FIFA18”, you have to be careful.

Because this generation if you choose the default formation, defense station will be partial, so you pass to the defender, easy to be the other side of the striker successfully grab.

In order to prevent this situation, you have to hold down the LT key, call a goalkeeper is facing the rear players come to catch the ball.

But this approach has a flaw, that is, will waste 1 to 3 seconds time, if you want to quickly open the door, playing a sudden raid, then there will be delays in time, is not conducive to attack.

So open the door, it is recommended that you are open to the two wings, this will be faster, if the demand is stable, then you call a defensive player, the ball passed to him, and then slowly pass too The ball is delivered to the front.

Corner kick

Since the beginning of “FIFA17”, the corner has become a way to aim the restricted area with a cursor.

Although the precision is improved, the ball from the corner ball out of the wonderful arc can also be glance, but this way for the handle of the players is not friendly.

Because the player using the handle, use the right joystick to control the cursor, and this aiming cursor often “reset (back to the small restricted area in the middle)”, this time the players need to continue to exert a slight strength to control the right rocker tilt. Seem very realistic, but it is very tiring effort. Players who use the keyboard are relatively comfortable because the cursor is not “reset”.

Then open the corner of the skills it In fact, the corner of the skills is “down”, the general choice of our offensive players and the other goalkeeper position between the location to ensure that the door is close to the door and the other goalkeeper can not be enough.

This sentence may be a bit abstract, you may open a few corner you will be familiar with this sense of distance.

Probably the placement can be selected between the small restricted area and the 12 yards.

As for the front point or after the point, to see the defensive arrangements at the time, generally I choose before / after the point, only the ball will be the top back to the restricted area in the middle, let the two players to finish playing the door, rarely choose Front or rear point to hit the door.

In addition you can also choose to open the short corner, press the LT key player can summon the corner of the ball near the work, you can just out of bounds when the ball tightly hold down the LT key, then the lens playback after you Will find that there are players standing next to the corner flag, then the other side of the defense certainly did not keep up with your rhythm.

After the short corner kick out, to copy the ball in the ball of the “bottom” approach on the line, you can choose to pass, inverted triangle or continue to reach the restricted area.

Another corner of the game there are quick tactics, before the corner is not issued, you can press the cross key, ask the players in the restricted area plan to choose the station to match you out of the corner (in fact, not big, I still recommend the corner , Fast to play slowly, kill the opponent a surprise, slowly transferred to transfer to the other side to stand a good position).

Big foot transfer

In a sidewalk can not open the situation, you can consider the big shift.

Sometimes the other side of the defense is very tight, you are difficult to find a single route in the flaws, this time you need to pay attention to the mini map and the distance winger post moves, as long as they run out of the gap, you can flew give them.

Although this approach some roundabout, but after the ball may be transferred to the overall situation of the entire stadium has a new view, rather than jerk to focus on a small area.

Another benefit of the transfer is to let the AI ​​control of the players to active, and sometimes, you can not wear the ball out, and can not break the other side of the defense to your offensive line to withstand, AI control of the players in the running naturally and slow Down, some even in the “walk”.

At this time you move, AI control of the players will try to find the neutral post moves, as long as they can run out of a “pretty position”, you can send a deadly pass.

But to remember that, of course, as well as the accuracy of short pass, so the goal must pass the ball at the choice of players. In the frontcourt for the transfer of the difficulty will be relatively large, in the backcourt big brother transfer problem is not large, although so, in the other side by pressing, the backcourt in the foot of the transfer of the ball, be sure to as much as possible, even the ball Flying out of the community should not be taken away by the other side.

Pass over the top

Over the top of the ball is only a straight plug of the deformation, need to meet some of the conditions to send out the top pass every second.

With the straight plug ball similar to the passer, the ball near the best 1m range are not running at high speed defensive player interference; catch the ball from the other side of the last line of defense do not need to overlap, or even up to 5 meters Distance; the ball player must be in high-speed running or there is a running trend of the situation, and its recent defensive player must be in a non-running state.

Over the top of the use of the ball almost straight with the straight plug ball, but the use of some differences in conditions, you have to learn to distinguish.

For example, the ball player is about to quickly break through each other’s defense, but there are defensive players around him in the chase, this time you should choose straight plug ball, rather than over the top pass; long distance, there are players intend to break The other side of the line of defense, you should choose to pass the top pass this time instead of straight plug the ball.

According to the above two examples, you have to pay attention to the top pass after the ball three points.

Long distance, it used to pass the ball (straight plug the ball can not pass more than two defensive players), press the LT key to control the ball at the foot, this method can make good footwork players instantly stick the ball stick Side (relatively rough point of the foot of the players can also use two under the ball approach to control the ball down);

If you can not be in place, you will be the ordinary high lob, this time you have to switch to the ball players to compete for the first placement; if the ball received, remember to control the ball down again Line (some players catch the ball easily after the split is intended to turn the ball, but your ball did not control directly to turn around, it is easy to take the ball away from the foot, this time you should go along the potential of the ball to move forward) The

Also note that the top pass is best to go to the sidewalk, of course, can be sent to the middle of the road is the best choice, flew will be able to form the opportunity to fight the door, if only pass the wing, then you can consider the bottom operating. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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