Clash Royale, card guide: the best decks for the Flying Machine

Our guide letters of ‘Clash Royale’ goes on to help create the most devastating mallets, and we could not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to the last letter to arrive, but weak agile flying machine the ultimate challenge.
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There are still a few days left for the letter to start to emerge in the coffers, but after the challenge of this weekend you can already see some users trying to integrate it into their decks. This is all we have learned from its synergies and weaknesses to create the best decks of the Flying Machine .

Miner and Flying Machine

The mix of Minero and Megacaballero has become a classic of the goal, but now has a new ally, the Flying Machine . The idea behind this deck is that the Megacaballero is the one that draws the attention of defensive troops and towers, thus allowing the Minero to do his job behind the enemy tower without problems.

Poison, Discharge and Electric Magician are responsible for facilitating the work of both the Miner and the Megacaballero, but now we also have the option of having a Flying Machine attacking from afar to slow down enemy attacks from above. If we arrive with the Megacaballero to the tower and the opponent does not have elixir left, the Bat or Bandida can be a crucial support to throw the tower.

Flying goblin

Same strategy as with the Megacaballero, but this time with the long life of a Golem as the main claim for defensive troops. Behind him, the Flying Machine will be as accurate as a spear-throwing Goblin, but he can do so without having to cross with ground troops or logs that knock him out at the first change.

Infernal Dragon and Night Witch serve to finish the job if the Golem is not enough and creates a counter, but if both reach the tower and the Golem is still standing, the opponent may be lost. Save the arrows for possible attacks on the Flying Machine if you have not managed to get rid of a horde from a distance.

Cemetery and Flying Machine

The mix of Cemetery and Ice is always devastating, but even more so if the Ice Golem or Megacaballero have managed to catch the attention of potential enemies that protect the tower. Both, next to the Tomb, can serve as a defense against imminent danger, but if you also have the Flying Machine guarding your back, the counter can be epic.

As in other decks, avoid using it without support and in the first line, it is a very fragile card that can leave you sold easily if you do not keep it well guarded. Try to keep her away from the towers when you put her in play to prevent a Fireball from doing as much damage to her as your defenses. (Click
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