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Although he had been anticipating their arrival several days ago, Clash Royale received the most update of its history since launching there in January of last year. Modes of play, new daily system of rewards, improved chat, possibility of revenge, etc.

Below we will tell you in detail what includes this expected autumn update .

Daily missions

In the place previously reserved for the free coffers now we will find the section of Missions . In this section we will find up to four possible challenges to complete. Each of them assigns a number of points to a rewards chest, in a manner similar to how the Crowns are filling up the clan vault bars.

When we get the necessary points, we will unlock a chest directly without the necessary hours for the opening of the sandboxes. Although we will usually find gold coffers, there is also the possibility of opening super-magic and legendary coffers. In addition to the points for the greater reward, each of the challenges or tasks has its own bonus in the form of gold and / or cards.

Game Modes

After 2v2, this time Touchdown, the first mode of play without towers . As in the challenges of choice, at the beginning we will choose a letter between 4 pairs, sending the discard to the rival. This homage to American football consists of a scenario divided into three sectors, the own field, the rival and the media area. The goal is for one of our units to cross the entire field alive to get an essay , which will give us a crown.

The mechanics for punctuation are the same as in the past; with each race successfully achieved, we will get a crown up to a maximum of 3 to win the match. There will be a time limit on who will win more crowns at that time, and in case of tie, extension and sudden death.

It’s funny how all this changes the importance of the cards. Rapid units like Montapuercos or Ariete will be a toothache, but stopping in time other tank type units like Lava Hound or Golem can be a challenge. Finally, the structures become vital cards to be successful in this mode of play, as we need their defensive capabilities and their role as bait so that the troops of the rivals do not exceed our bottom line.

In addition, there will be Gold Fever and Gem Fever events that will cause you to destroy the towers in normal modes by getting a bonus of the two coin types in the game. The last of the new features will be called “Double deck” and will have the two players have the same deck. In all game modes there will be a quick rematch option as well as an improved chat.

Varied improvements

It is already possible to share the different decks outside the game. The same system allows you to add friends without requiring external social networks. The store now always shows 6 cards. The first of the cells is reserved for a free box a day or one to buy. Also, on Sundays, the day usually intended for the purchase and donation of epic cards will mean that we will get one for free. top up gems clash royale

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