7.3 big secret skills: a detailed explanation of the second hall of the heroes of the anti-pull mode

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Why should we pull?
  Anti-pull can be achieved:

  First, the electric hood and light ball AOE zero damage, this stage of treatment can not have to pay any skills, easy flat brush all the blood to deal with the next arc sword.

  Second, the arc sword and the drive light only 4 layers of damage, greatly enhance the name of Gou live rate, do not need to open what damage reduction skills can also live to die.


  Has been able to pull, so far can still pull, do not say what has been amended, I even think that this is the right way to play, Blizzard is intended to be the case.

  Genre and distinction:

  Anti-pull is a genre, different anti-pull way, the effect is very different, so some people say that anti-pull useless, it was said that the effect is not obvious, there are higher damage, but the perfect anti-pull can really hurt reduce.

Two common anti-pull methods:
  First to say one of the most common but completely wrong way, the light area open strange, and then brought to the middle of the double line, zoom before the move to the area, let BOSS light ball skills. This way is only to achieve the reverse put the skills, but did not really reduce the damage, because the two lines during the BOSS two BUFF stack is very high, no matter what skills are big shot. It is this way of the wrong way, destroyed the reputation of anti-pull, so many people think that anti-pull useless or even increase the damage.

  The second correct way, the light area open strange, so BOSS in the light area single line, in the BOSS zoom strokes a few seconds before the rapid displacement, so that BOSS quickly moved to the electric area, almost no double connection time, so BOSS in the Move to the electric area when the electric area BUFF just started stack, light zone BUFF in the rapid elimination, no matter what skills, are very low damage, if the control is good, BOSS will put light ball skills, that is, The reverse put the skills. Note that this way, even if there is no reverse put the skills, but also has greatly reduced the damage, be considered a perfect normal pull it, than the perfect anti-pull or slightly worse, how to fight the perfect anti-pull, the following will be mentioned.

Anti-pull principle:
  Before the way, the first science principle. He Ya in the connection between light and electricity, who will BUFF, and constantly stacked, the next big trick to release the body BUFF layer of the corresponding high skills, that is, electric or light ball. Similarly, arc sword and deportation light is also in accordance with this rule to put. The higher the number of layers, the higher the damage.

  So, in fact, the so-called anti-pull, not to reverse the skills for the purpose, but to control the number of layers to reduce the damage to the next skill, each T should go to pursue this goal, rather than simply look only Whether to reverse the skills. When you minimize the damage to the time, naturally, to achieve a perfect anti-pull.

Anti-pull method:
  Principle to understand, and then return to continue to say.

  Just talked about the light area to open the strange example (in fact, the same area open strange), hands open area, boss directly ran to the light area, this time there is no double connection, who only light buff, and Constantly superimposed. According to dbm tips or mental arithmetic, you can know there are a few seconds will release a big move, according to the different T running speed, ahead of the boss toward the opposite power area, boss running speed is fixed, so the best results, he will double Connection for about 1 second, and then become a single connection to get electric buff and start stacking, and because the disconnect light connection, then the existing light buff began to cut. If the time count enough accurate, then the skills before the release of the moment, the light buff will be 5, the electric buff will be 4, because the light is more than a layer of electricity, so according to the rules, the system decided to release light ball skills. And in the real release of the skills of the moment, the light buff will drop to 4, the electric buff will rise to 5, then the light ball damage will be 4 layers as a benchmark for sustained release, and because there is no light connection, so the damage will be lower and lower, Until the buff disappeared, almost no damage, this time the electric buff is still rising, but does not affect the release of light ball damage.

  Then focus to the, although AOE almost no harm, but the next move the arc light sword or drive out, then the system will once again under the BOSS which BUFF high, and decided to arc light or drive light. Obviously it should be electric BUFF higher, then it will certainly release arc sword. In order to reduce this damage, in the light ball at the end of the moment, T should be quickly moved to the light area, boss put light ball will immediately chase T to the light area running, that is, boss in the power area to stay the shorter, The lower the damage of an arc sword, which depends entirely on the movement speed of T and the timing of the belt. There is a very need to T attention here, if the band is too fast, boss lost the connection too early, then the body does not have enough electric buff, ran to the light area will make light buff than electric biff high, then the next skill The discharge hood, but according to the rules can only light ball, then no longer put the skills in reverse, but twice will be put light ball, pull pull failure (although failure, but the damage is still lower than normal).

  So, T need to always pay attention to the boss body buff stack situation, the random response to determine the timing of the next band to ensure that the skills can be maintained in the reverse cycle, as quickly as possible with the bit, so that the boss of the arc sword and drive light as much as possible To release in low order.

  In my experience, it is not difficult to maintain the reverse skills, but how to synchronize the arc and the escape light only in accordance with the 4-layer buff is a very need to carefully control the skills. My little trick is that each time with a boss post moves to take a small step, that is, just broke off the opposite position in the boss, with boss and then take a step, so in the next cycle, the boss ran Speed ​​chase me to the opposite of the big move, just to maintain the broken buff than the line buff more than a layer, this node is just to maintain the reverse release of the skills cycle, but also the arc sword and destroy the light damage to a minimum. Worse half a second or half step will not work.

Anti-pull some of the small points:
  Finally talk about some of the small experience.

  First, the anti-pull on the T’s moving speed is very high, with the faster, double the shorter the time, the next skill the lower the damage.

  Second, the speed requirements are also very high, Caton delay is a success rate, unless your delay is large, but very stable, you can fully predict how long ahead of the band.

  Third, open the strange addition to all the people except T, should go to the opposite, do not advance into the battle, so T brought the boss and then hands. Because the arc sword and the expulsion of light is definitely not released on the T, so in the T band with the process, if the boss hatred list of no other person, then he will be very stable with the T post moves, will not stop to release any skill. But if the dps or treatment ahead of hands, then the boss post moves in the process is likely to stop when the double line to put a move to drive light, resulting in the anti-pull on the complete failure, even if the reverse light ball , But because the double connection time is too long, buff has been stacked high, put out the skills have been increased damage, loss of anti-pull meaning.

  Summed up in three sentences:

  First, try to reduce the time of double connection.

  Second, always pay attention to control the number of buff layers.

  Third, the reverse put the skills is not the goal, the focus is to really reduce the damage.

  Let’s say so much, enough novice to practice for a while. Hope that this post can help people know what to understand the correct understanding of the principles and techniques of anti-pull, the skills of popularization, do not say anything anti-pull useless, respect for this to pay a lot of practice and effort of every tank. Also do not throw all the pressure to the treatment, no matter how good the treatment has the limit, and this skill can help you break the limit. (Click gameusd.com to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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