Artwork from the basketball simulation NBA 2K18.

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For years, NBA 2K from 2K Games has been considered one of the best sports simulations. Now the NBA 2K18 wants to extend the playful options again – especially off the pitch. Virtual athletes can explore an open world for the first time. But the script does not convince everyone.
A test by Thorsten Wiesner
From the first second, NBA 2K18 scores with a staging: top players like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook appear next to young talents like Lonzo Ball impressively animated, plus a great soundtrack. The feeling of being part of an elaborate TV big event comes believably – also through elaborate presentations and guest commentaries of legends like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett.
Experienced players, who enter the optically further refined place will quickly feel at home. Because in the actual game has not changed much compared to the predecessor. Once again, the litter was adapted, which made distance throwing this year in the theory again somewhat easier makes. But in practice even a Kevin Durant throws amazingly often beside it.

Apart from that, a lot of things feel familiar, but also just as usual. NBA 2K18 is not really a beginner-friendly game: anyone who starts a match for the first time can be overwhelmed with the complexity and the playful possibilities. After some training, however, there are also few sports games that offer such a tactical depth and so many possibilities. Nevertheless, players of the predecessor can motzen, because really much was adjusted last year not.

Non-round basketball neighborhood
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A great innovation is “Run The Neighborhood.” For the first time, 2KGames integrates an open game world in which players can walk around freely. Train, get freedoms, get tattooed or dressed, negotiate a new sponsorship deal at the office and invest the fresh money in the shop next door for new sneakers – everything is now possible.

What sounds great, but does not really work in the game itself. Not all activities are fun, and many stretches now being stretched are like an artificial playtime extension. In combination with some technical problems such as long loading times, this is often the reason for frustration rather than motivation.

Other changes are taking place outside the arenas such as Staples Center and Co. Thus the well-known Modivielfalt was inflated again by additional contents. Players can train, complete individual games or complete seasons, let off with team-mode cards, take over the management of a team or start their own career right from the start.

Media player poster frame
Video: NBA 2K18 – Trailer (Shaq) (0:43)
The latter, however, disappoints with a story that is so full of clich├ęs and arbitrariness. As 2K Games would have had to invest more time and effort in the screenplay. Even the more numerous options to be able to upgrade their own character faster against the use of real money will not please everyone.

NBA 2K18 is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows-PC and costs about 50 Euro (PC) and 60 Euro (consoles). The game is released by the USK without age restriction.


Those who love the NBA and basketball will get a goose bumps when NBA 2K18 is staged. The presentation is once again a class in itself, the play on the parquet is demanding and enthralling, albeit with little relevant innovations.

The great praises of the previous years fall out this year because of some problems off the square. The story is hardly to be taken seriously, the free world is rather desolate. In addition, there are a few technical problems and the stronger influence of the purchaseable game progress. This darkens the otherwise usual positive impression. (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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