Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer, the enemy brothers of the ball

Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer, the enemy brothers of the ball
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The stars or the style of play? The fierce competition between the two blockbusters of the football simulation marked a whole generation of players.
You are rather Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer ? These soccer simulation games have been in cultural and social economic warfare for nearly twenty years. A duel without equal and rich in twists and turns. Whether it’s Halo vs. Destiny or Splinter Cell vs. Ghost Recon , other videogame franchises have never reached such a level of rivalry.
Today, Fifa has delighted the crown to his opponent. Its impressive communication policy, its advertising omnipresence have played their part, but the battle will have been tough. It begins when 3D invites itself in video games, with the arrival of the PlayStation in the course of the 1990s. EA (editor of Fifa ) like Konami (the developer of Pro Evolution Soccer) each have their own football game, and are aware of the exponential growth of this sport in the media. But how to develop this chicken with golden eggs? An existential question permeates the brain of these two publishers: do fans of football video games indulge in this leisure by passion for this sport, or rather to incarnate their idols during a virtual game?
Soccer stars
The staring of footballers is a tremendous asset to boost their sales. During the 1990s, EA bought all the official licenses for all sports: NBA, NHL (hockey), NFL (American football) … nothing escapes its gluttony. From 1997 , Fifa took the opportunity to propose a comprehensive panel of more than 150 national teams and a dozen different championships. A perfect strategy to fan the flame of the supporter: winning the Champions League with his local team of heart, only happiness!
Opponent, Konami struggle not without difficulty. Unlike EA, the company does not have the right to use the real names of players, but bypassing this obstacle by integrating pseudo-loved ones with a few letters close to the real surname. The initiative seems grotesque, but some hijackings become cults in the eyes of gamers, as Wiltord turned into Wiltordu or Ronaldo changed into Ronarid.
Fifa falls asleep
Fifa then makes a monumental strategic error: to believe that he is untouchable. After the 1998 World Championship (the real one, won by the Blues), Electronic Arts ‘ baby rests on its laurels in terms of technological performance, contenting itself with quasi – conforming suites from year to year. The Fifa version 2000 is almost a simple update of the previous opus! At more than 300 francs (50 euros, already!) The game, the facelift seems very expensive.
Visibly aware of this weakness, Konami is developing, in replacement of ISS, the PES series : a simulation of football that is both more elaborate and realistic and which brings real graphical and technical improvements. But in the early 2000s, the attachment of the thirty-year-olds and quadra to this or that game was much less than today.
The putsch by word-of-mouth

In 2000, the putsch that knocks down Fifa in favor of PES is therefore carried out mainly in the colleges and lycées. Word-of-mouth in playgrounds is far more effective than conventional advertising. PES supporters are able to convey an image of true enthusiasts, and to anchor the idea that those who really love football opt for PES , those who prefer stars turn to Fifa .
PES brings the player back to the reality of the field. The matches are the opposite of those completely cartoonsque Fifa , punctuated by unreal goals (like scissors to 25 meters or shots of the central circle) and punctuated by scores of table football. The consumer of PES experiences the frustration of the footballer who misses a control, bumps against a hermetic defense or misses a pass a priori easy. The joystick configuration also changes. We do not fire a shot with the notorious O button of the PlayStation controller, as for Fifa , but with the famous “square” button. This detail, which is not negligible, is for a long time a sign of gratitude: “Tell me what you strike, I shall know what game you prefer.”
PES dethrone Harry Potter
In the early 2000s, PES is “the most popular cultural product in France , sold every year to more than one million copies. Even popular comic books like Asterix , Harry Potter or Titanic’s DVD are dethroned. The game of Konami becomes a social phenomenon, replaces the card games among young adults and settles in the heart of the homes. “I do not even count the evenings, at four, eight or ten guys, where the main occupation was to play mainly at the console,” says Aurélien Adam, blogger specializing in soccer games .
But, because there is one but, his overwhelming leadership position leads the PES franchise to commit the same mistakes as the Fifa franchise ten years earlier: no questioning and annual opus with no noticeable evolution. “The year 2007 and the technological turn of the PlayStation 3 were very badly apprehended by PES . Conversely, Fifa has completely changed face and in turn offered a real and beautiful simulation of football that year. ”
As a result, the transfer of power to EA takes place almost as brutally as a decade earlier. “The explosion of the online games between Internet users has also considerably re-launched Fifa , which was able to create a worldwide community of gamers linked together via the Web,” explains Aurélien Adam. We are then far from the small local meetings where the PES enthusiasts mistrusted in flesh and blood. The expression “world village” dear to Marshall McLuhan to describe the phenomenon of planetary globalization finds its full meaning here. The Fifa player can scoff at an opponent thousands of miles away as if it were his neighbor table.
” Fifa has an unbeatable career path”
The other advantage of the PES scorer is his official franchise portfolio, allowing him to develop a multitude of game modes. ” Fifa’s career mode , where you can play a young player and make him progress, is clearly unequaled . They are also the true coaches that are found on the bench, “details Aurélien Adam. With the exception of Carlo Ancelotti who was recently sacked from Bayern , but who is still posted in the video game.
The tactical options to have full control over the game of his team have also really evolved over the years. You can have your team play as you like. The sophistication is such that Fifa has even taken market share to pure simulation coaching, Football Manager . “In Fifa , we decide on the sports policy of his club and we play his team on the field. The cap is double, and therefore more interesting for the gamer. ”
The technological upturn has its source in the commercial success of these games, still sold several million copies this year. The success is such that the balance of power has even reversed with the real actors of football: “Today, several major clubs have their eSports section with, for example, gamers who represent the colors of the PSG. The world stars of the ball are all displayed in front of a console now, “Aurélien Adam welcomes. Realism does not always prevail over fiction. (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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