people opinion on what the best NFL 18 defense is.


The most consistent run D this year is Cover 4… The reason being is the safeties are in run fits which mean you will have 8 or 9 guys playing the run instead of 5 or 6…. Also shifting line towards the strong side of the offense can help….

All out blitz can help also but it is a high-risk low reward type of play so do this with caution

4-4 Split is another good way to slow down the run but will be harder to defend the pass.


DO NO BLITZ TO STOP THE RUN….unless you KNOW which hole or play is coming and are 100% sure of it…it’s so easy this year to get a player out of position and much harder to recover because the momentum and physics of player movement are so much more demanding. CHEAP NFL 18 coins for sale  If you are flying 8 or 9 in the middle of the field, within the first second of the play you may have made a move that is going to cost you anywhere from 12-15 yards and many times a house call.

I see guys call idiotic things like Engage 8 blitzes with a manual SS blitz thrown in too and get TORCHED consistently….because they fail to understand the way the running game SHOULD work.  When you bring 8 or 9 players immediately at the snap, your D is committed to the principle that your opponent is semi-comatose or brain-dead and won’t start gashing you with quick passes or outside runs when you are exposed to both.

Goal line D is another area where blitzing too often is death.  Stay in zones, use hard flats and user Safeties to avoid defending the back line of the end zone when the plane of the goal line is the money.  Manually shooting gaps with the LBs is still a very effective way to blow up a play OR to give up a TD if you are taking guys out of their outside contain responsibility to do it…

Forgot to add that defensive coaching adjustment are awesome!


I loved them in NCAA and they have been brought back almost EXACTLY the way I remember them working in that game…  You can really get killed by broken tackles with you set tackling to “aggressive”, but when you combine “aggressive tackling” with “aggressive strip ball” and “aggressive pass rush” against guys that REFUSE to run the damn ball, the turnovers go up huge in no cheap Madden 18 Coins  The coaching adjustments are a great counter to exploit and abuse people who refuse to mix things up and keep you mentally working…


The adjustments are there, and if you stay in all “aggressive” settings too much, you can be pounded by counter adjustments….but THAT is exactly what I want in Madden…I love it when the game punishes people for being too predictable or too constant in running the same things and not mixing it up.  I hope this year’s game has staying power because almost all Madden’s are pretty good in the first couple weeks…time will tell if the glitches will break the game in September….so far though, I am really digging the options and the chess match that can come out of it (with the right opponents….you can’t ever really enjoy chess with guys who metaphorically try to move pieces illegally or just tip the table over when they are losing)!


Cover 4, spread those safeties and get them down in the box. Make sure you have favorable matchups outside since bringing your safeties down takes away deep defenders

Can you tell us a few words about FIFA 18?

With FIFA 18, we really wanted to break the border between the virtual and the real world. To do this, we opted for different approaches. For example, we have given more personality to the players, which will influence their effectiveness, their movements, etc.fifa 18 coins for sale It is a feat made possible thanks to the technology for the movements, which uses new animations as well as captures of movements (editor’s note). The teams also have more personality, there are tactics that are exclusive to certain teams. If you play with Barcelona, you will have a totally different experience compared to a third division team.

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Are the classic tactics (counter-attack, etc.) still there?

Yes of course. You can change if you want. We also worked on the atmosphere. Football is a wonderful sport, especially thanks to the atmosphere that emerges from the stadiums. I have seen matches all over the world, and you do not have the same atmosphere in South Africa as in France. We tried to transcribe this with a new technology, which will modify some elements, lighting, crowds, songs, etc. We have incorporated celebrations typical of certain regions. The atmosphere is more real than ever. We also worked on a new system, “Foot Icons”, which will be available on PS4 and PC and which represents a real added value for the players. The story mode will also be back.

To get back to the new system of movements, are there other players than Ronaldo who will be entitled to their own animations? And how do you think this new system will affect the gameplay and the way we play?

The impact is enormous. The game reacts better, it is more fluid. So far, when the player was performing an action, we had to calculate the entire animation before the character responded. Henceforth, everything is calculated in the image, we can change the animation in the middle of an action. It is much more fluid, it will really impact the parties, it is more reactive. As for Ronaldo, we have done a huge Motion Capture job to transcribe it into the game. With our new system, we can modify the in-game animations much more easily than before and so we move from the Motion Capture. You can imagine that we could not capture motion with all the players in the game. We have, for example, transcribed Arjen Robben’s very special racing style without going through the Motion Capture. FIFA 18 coins Xbox one had never reached such a level of detail. Of course, it will take time, we will have to proceed in stages, identify the most requested players, but eventually, we hope to be able to rework the whole game.

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Every year, FIFA has used us to new features, are there new things this year?

Of course, but we will come back to these additions in the coming weeks. Just know that there will be novelties in Career mode, online, etc. But we will communicate with it later.

Can you tell us if a game mode has attracted more attention?

As far as I’m concerned, the story mode, especially last year, because it was a whole new mode that I had worked on for a few years and which I continued to work on.

New teams, new licenses? 

As far as you are concerned, what do you prefer in FIFA 18?

The gameplay. This is certainly the biggest qualitative leap we have ever made. There are still some improvements to be made, but what you see today is already exceptional, and we have a few months left before the release to improve it even more. But that’s not all: there is the mode History, the graphics, is probably the most beautiful game we have produced. It’s hard to choose only one feature, but if I had to name one, it would be gameplay.


NBA 2K18: The Prelude (PS4, SWITCH, XBOX, PC): trophies, successes, and achievements of the basketball game

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Here are the trophies and successes of NBA 2k18: The Prelude! As a reminder, this system of prelude resumes that of NBA 2k17, that is to say, a game in its own right, FREE for all, without obligation to have NBA 2K18. A demo version, it gives you a good idea of the game that is waiting for us … – TROPHIES AND SUCCES OF BRONZE: You have the look, baby! Create your character, My PLAYER. Everything is in the details. Take a seed Choose a suspension shot for your My PLAYER. – TROPHIES AND MONEY SUCCESS: Want a picture? Take a picture of Air Jordan XXXII shoes. Are you ready? Play the first game of the test field tournament. It progresses To take part in the shock of the champions at the end of the tournament of the testing ground. Cheap NBA 2K18 MT. Hey, friends! To be interviewed by Rachel of 2KTV after the shock of the champions. It’s not a comeback Have a try with the NBA. It’s Your Chance Finish the test with an NBA team. – TROPHIES AND GOLDEN SUCCESS: Pinch me if I am dreaming the good news from your agent.


Once an arrangement has been finished with both the club and player, they’ll be exchanged to your group. In FIFA 18 Career Mode, all club and player dealings, and in addition imperative news all through the football world, will be highlighted utilizing another innovation that creates news cuts that are listed in the Career Mode primary menu. FIFA 18 COINS

For instance, when players move clubs you’ll now observe dynamic portrayals of their declaration and disclose, including announcements, line-up shots with their new partners and public interview introductions with their new supervisor.

Notwithstanding exchange dealings, you’ll additionally observe new visuals when players win their alliance’s Player of the Month grant, and when your group wins a title or container.


With 15+ new aptitude diversions in FIFA 18, there’s more assortment when you come to squad preparing and player advancement. Make preset bores and relegate them to specific players or particular gatherings, enabling you to display your advancement technique of youthful players to improve player qualities or deal with a player’s arrival from damage.


Surprisingly, you can undoubtedly roll out improvements in-amusement immediately the match with new setting based subs.FIFA 18 coins for sale Oversee utilizing pre-set substitutions previously a diversion in Team Management or exploit logical substitutions with in-amusement prompts. React to surrendering an objective or missing a shot with a snappy sub to get back on the front foot without leaving the match.

Madden 18: Singleback Deuce Close – PA Stretch Shot

In today’s free Madden 18 tip, SnA Exclusive is back to bring you a play that beats both cover 2 and cover 3 zones in Madden 18.

We’ve got the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Atlanta Falcons

Formation: Singleback Deuce Close

Play: PA Stretch Shot


  1. (Optional) Hot route your B/circle WR to streak/fade
  2. (Optional) Motion your B/circle WR out wide


  1. Your first look is your B/circle down the seam
  2. Then look to your X/square on the post
  3. If he is covered, look to your RB in the flat

Overview: This is a great play from the Singleback Deuce Close formation that can beat any coverage in the game and attack multiple different areas of the field. NFL 18 coins for sale Use this in combination with the running plays and the Bench concepts and you have a solid under center scheme you can use.

Pro tip: You can use this play in a scheme with Singleback Deuce Close – HB Stretch.

Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

This is how the play should look if you don’t make any of the optional adjustments.

Against a cover 2 defense here you can see that both our X/square receiver deep and our running back in the flat is open.

We throw it to the X/square receiver on his post route for a 30 yard gain.

NBA 2K18 Adds 2005-06 and 2012-13 Memphis Grizzlies

2K Sports has just announced that the 2005-2006 and 2012-2013 Memphis Grizzlies squads are among the 16 new classic teams that will be added in NBA 2K18.,2004-2005-Grizzlies

The 2005-06 team finished 5th seed in the Western Conference led by 25-year-old Pau cheap NBA 2K18 MT coins This is also the same year sharpshooter Mike Miller won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award. Here’s a complete list of players who played on that team.


  • Pau Gasol (PF)
  • Shane Battier (SF)
  • Mike Miller (SG)
  • Eddie Jones (SF)
  • Bobby Jackson (PG)
  • Lorenzen Wright (C)
  • Chucky Atkins (PG)
  • Dahntay Jones (SF)
  • Damon Stoudamire (PG)
  • Jake Tsakalidis (C)
  • Hakim Warrick (PF)
  • Antonio Burks (PG)
  • Brian Cardinal (PF)
  • Lawrence Roberts (C)
  • Anthony Roberson (PG)
  • John Thomas (C), cheap coins

The 2012–13 Memphis Grizzlies squad is the best team on paper in Grizzlies history. Led by Defensive Player of the Year Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies finished 56-26 in the season and made their first Conference Finals appearance in franchise NBA 2K18 VC for sale  Below is a complete list of players who played in that team.


  • Marc Gasol (C)
  • Mike Conley (PG)
  • Zach Randolph (PF)
  • Tony Allen (SG)
  • Rudy Gay (SF)
  • Jerryd Bayles (PG)
  • Tayshaun Prince (SF)
  • Quincy Pondexter (SF)
  • Darrell Arthur (PF)
  • Wayne Ellington (SG)
  • Marreese Speights (C)
  • Ed Davis (PF)
  • Austin Daye (SF)
  • Tony Wroten (SG)
  • Chris Johnson (SF)
  • Jon Leuer (PF)
  • Hamed Haddadi (C)
  • Keyon Dooling (PG)
  • Josh Selby (PG)
  • Dexter Pittman (C