Strike at Amazon: Fifa 18 could be delayed delivery

In four Amazon dispatch centers is again striking. Just as players were waiting for the new game Fifa 18, Amazon employees were waiting for higher wages, according to Verdi’s union.

In the Amazon dispatch centers in Rheinberg, Werne, Leipzig and in Graben near Augsburg again employees have gone to the standoff. The date is not a coincidence, for Silke Zimmer, Regional Area Manager for trade at ver.di in NRW, the appearance of the game Fifa 18 is a good opportunity to draw attention again to the situation of the employees at Amazon. “As many players wait for the new FIFA game to be delivered, the workers are waiting for fair wages and good working conditions,” she said, according to a media report .

The current strikes, which have sprung up again and again since 2013, are supposed to run until Saturday. “1058 Euro Christmas money, 1121 Euro holiday allowance, a 38 hour week and 6 weeks holiday are currently in the industry, which is what we want to do for employees at Amazon,” said Verdi Director of the Jörg Lauenroth-Mago.

Update 28.9., 16:24 clock: The strike call was followed only by a small part of the employees in the logistics centers, Amazon shares. “Neither Fifa 18 nor other products have any impact on the delivery promise.”

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