Electronic Arts (EA) FIFA video game has the tendency to be the only video game that gamers need for a good period of time. Maybe even more than Call of Duty .

It has a lot of modes, particularly mind Ultimate Team requires expertise and experience is fabulous. It may be a bit of a drag on the novices, but in FIFA 18 this transition is easier than ever before, in a way that few video games do.

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What you will read below will tell you that the experience will continue to be as satisfying for both veteran and novice players.


Last year, FIFA 17 introduced The Journey , a story based on the career of a young football star, Alex Hunter. It ended in celebration and the young champion is back in the sequel this year, in The Journey: Hunter Returns (The Journey: Hunter Returns) .

The star struggles to manage his fame and Hunter finds himself in an awkward situation with his teammates, including his best friend Danny Williams, while also trying to maintain his fame and win a championship this season.
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From the opening moments of The Journey , Hunter considers transferring to the MLS to become the definitive star of the league and the tension with his teammates is palpable.

FIFA 18 Video Game
There is plenty of football to play in The Journey and you can play as the whole team or just as Hunter, who earns points for making good decisions during a match.

However, the mode is not really about the action on the court: after every match or training, Hunter will be talking to someone, occasionally with the press and sometimes you will have to choose between three options for dialogue.

The tensions in Hunter’s life are not introduced simply to put obstacles in the game, but more than anything to show a part of the young Hunter’s career. It may feel a bit mundane, but it is very authentic.

What does not feel authentic are the times when stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Thierry Henry appear, in addition to NBA star James Harden. They feel out of place and bored.


Once you decide to play against another team in FIFA 18, you will understand why this franchise is the favorite video game of many.

From running with the ball to making an incredible pass, the video game feels smooth, fluid and with a good sense of weight and timing that makes it easier to make decisions regarding an attack plan.

The way to play games is very entertaining and the benefits to play can entertain even those who do not enjoy this sport.
Shooting a goal attempt is not very easy and finding the right time to shoot the ball is difficult even after playing for several hours but when you get a goal feels well deserved.

FIFA 17 graphics technology used DICE Frostbite providing more realistic images and animations and so did for FIFA 18 . The details on the faces is something we have never seen before and shows even the beads of sweat and the closures on the Hunter sweatshirt.

Collisions and falls are very realistic, but we saw some inconsistencies when someone was injured, because after falling and sustaining sore knee, one of the players was removed from the court and the diagnosis indicated that it was a broken ankle.

It also has a programming problem where the shadow of the players appears in four directions.


The most popular mode of the series, Ultimate Team , returns in FIFA 18, but comes with something new that will like the novices of the video game. There is an option called Squad Battles that allows teams to compare their performance against the same opponent, showing in a table those with the best score. After a couple of hours, the highest score is awarded money and cards containing star players to improve their teams. It certainly will take some practice to score the list, but those who prefer to play in single player mode will not have to play with another online opponent in this way.

Much of what is in Ultimate Team is similar to previous video games and is a good thing. Winning coins by completing games as well as new daily and weekly goals is as addictive as winning new objects in other video games, and spending coins on new cards will allow you to create the perfect team.

fifa review 18 review screen 7 1200×9999
Short leagues and cups mean you can achieve something with a single game session, but if you really want to be successful in Ultimate Team , you will have to devote some time. Menus are made in an easy way and important choices are not hard to find. After you have completed certain chapters of The Journey , you can unlock some players, but this option is hard to find in the menus and you might never see them for that.

The other options remain similar to those of past deliveries. You can choose to run the career of a star or that of a club manager and be responsible for both the action on the court and the business. An interactive business process was introduced to make contracts and transfers more interesting. In practice it is a simple dialogue but it makes a boring process a little more interesting. Unfortunately, there is no option to simply play for a single season, without worrying about such exchanges.


FIFA 18 relies heavily on the illusion of choice in The Journey mode, although EA has been able to tell the story of Hunter and his family. The way to play games is very entertaining and the benefits to play can entertain even those who do not enjoy this sport.

Be sure to say goodbye to your family, though, because you will need to spend a lot of time on the video game.


Fluent and entertaining
Has a story mode
Visually stunning
Squad Mode Battles offers a new way to play Ultimate Team

Celebrity appearances are terrible
The menu system is a bit obtuse (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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