We also wanted to make changes to our other online gaming mode. We wanted to create a place where players of all levels could compete online and conquer the world. We called our new concept My TEAM Super Max.
Super Max adds the salary cap and gameplay of the regular season to the online competition to create an experience that remains fun, fresh and competitive all year round. In each new round, the salary ceiling will be updated and you will be able to compose the best team possible with the cards in your collection that do not exceed this ceiling.
And that’s not all! We have designed a system that adjusts the individual wage ceiling for each card based on the frequency with which it is used. If everyone uses the same card, then its value will increase. Some cards might be so popular that their value will reach a “Super Max” level. You will have to think carefully, balance your superstars and your substitutes and look for exceptional players that others would have missed.
Super Max will take the form of a completely online game, with a team of 13 players per team. To begin, you will play placement matches against random players to assess your level. Depending on your performance, you will then be placed in a league, with players of the same level as you. This means that every match will be fun and competitive, whether you are a legend of My TEAM or you are setting foot on the pitch for the first time.

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As you win games, you can get to the top of the league table and win prizes at the end of each round. Special prizes will be awarded for your overall performance throughout the season at the end of each season. Be careful though: you will lose points in case of defeat. In Super Max, every game counts, so get ready for the competition!

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This year we have added a new type of card, Strategy cards. You can use them during idle times to give temporary bonuses to your main goal. If you ever get stuck, ask for a time-out, choose your main goal, use a Strategy card and go and beat your opponents.
In addition, there are now coaches of colors and rarity ranging from Bronze to Diamond. The higher the level of your card, the more strategy cards you can select per game and increase the bonus they give you.

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